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Hi Everyone, we are Gigadrill Games a small Indie game development team and we love to play and make games but making games is really expensive and takes a lot of time and effort that’s why we also needs your help, so if you like our Games and you want to help us, wow a BIG THANK YOU! to you and a BIG BRO HUG!

To Support us you can buy our products onĀ  Unity3d Asset Store here’s the link

Our Unity3d Assetstore Link

Or you can register on digital ocean and use our referral link for us to have a free one month on digital ocean

Our Patreon Project TalkGO a Location based Game

Our Digital Ocean Referral Link want to start your own Virtual Private Server actually is a lot more flexible and cheaper if you know how to used it properly instead of using server services for games like photon and other services like that

Our Patreon Referral link if you want to start creating something for your fans or to help other people

Or If you want to Buy Bit Coin or other Crypto Currencies use this link

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and we will make sure that we gonna used this FUNDS to make a better games and Thank you in Advance for Supporting US!