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Hoppy Island 

Hoppy Island
Hoppy Island mobile game


Hoppy Island a cute free high score based game, where you play a role of an adorable whale, all you need to do is to catch falling animals and avoid can also earn sunlight by playing this game the more sunlight you acquired the more chance for you to unlock cool and unique avatars on shop. you can also earn free sunlight just by watching video ads.

Date Published:  April 25, 2015



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Finger VS Bugs



is a casual high score based game, where you play the role of a finger to prevent the bugs to reach and bite you, the longer you play the harder the game will be, the better you are on tapping the harder the bugs will push to defeat you

Date Published:  March 18, 2017

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Play And Learn Interactive Games

Find The Object?

find the object


Find The Objects is a game that teaches the kids to recognized common objects or things like animals, fruits, and other things.

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