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We are a small Indie game development team, who loves to make games and play games and we Dream that someday we can make a Game that will make the people Happy and touch their lives at the same time, we also wanted to contribute on Game Development Industry someday once we become Big enough and we wish to promote Work-Life Balance in Game Industry but we know that this is so impossible but we hope that someday this bad practices will be gone because you can only make Good Game if you are Happy and Enjoying the process of creating it.

Here in our website/blog we gonna explore the big world of GAMES. there’s no list of topics or something, we just gonna write random stuffs about “GAMES” or new technologies. maybe we will tell you on how game developers makes game, be ready for random game reviews and why “GAMES” is so addicting somethings like that or some tutorials for some tech stuffs or some of our game development things and discoveries about new tools, plugins or game engines . well  you can email us,  if you want us to write some topic or if you wanted us to review your games or tech things if you have one.

you can email us at gigadrillgames@gmail.com and please add subject gigadrillgames_blog.

And also Indie Game Development is so expensive, it requires a lot money, time, efforts and tools, that’s why if you want to support us please follow this link

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