Steam Direct Publishing fee Revealed – is it a Good thing? or a Bad thing?

Steam Direct
Steam Direct

I bet you heard the hottest news on the Game Industry and yes it’s the Steam Direct Publishing fee. finally they revealed it and it’s $100 and yes i know your eyes is rolling right now and you want to say meh!

People’s Reaction

i can’t blame you because a lot of people got also a mixed emotion about this. some are really happy because they can easily published now on Steam without doing the Greenlight Campaigns anymore and some are really mad asking why so cheap? and they are worried because the Steam might flooded by a lot of not so Good games just like what happen on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Possible reasons behind Steam Direct Fee

If you think about it both of them have some strong points and i bet Steam really think about it and they will not make a decision that might ruin their company. i think they believed that by making it not so expensive they open doors to more Indie Game Developers or Game Studio out there. Steam wants to give everybody a chance an opportunity that other people can’t see

What if?

think about this, what if some not popular people or studio made a game and this game is so awesome. that there’s a big chance that anyone will like it but he or the studio does not have enough money to pay the publishing fee or he does not have the skills to sell his/their games(Greenlight), i think this is where the Steam Direct Shines it gives a chance on people who don’t have enough resources or not really good at selling product to publish their game without any hurdles.

What do you feel about it?

Well i can’t blame anyone if they are mad or happy about it. to others this is a great opportunity for the people who still got the passions and still believe that they still have a chance to at least try their luck on Steam.

More Good news

Based on Steam blog they will give you back the $100 when your game earned at least $1000. see the $100 is only a challenge if you are willing to bet on your game. by the way to clear things out you need to pay $100 for each game that you published but it’s ok because if your game is really good it means it will be free once you reach $1000 sales and that’s a Super Good news for everyone.

The app fee. There is now a $100 recoupable app fee for each application to release on Steam. Steamworks developers will pay this fee once as part of the initial paperwork, which will unlock the first appID. Once all the paperwork has been completed, and the developer is set up in Steamworks, additional appIDs may be purchased for $100 each. This fee for each appID is returned in the payment period after that game has at least $1,000 in Steam store or in-app purchases.


Final Thoughts

For me just take advantage of this  Steam Direct opportunity maybe it will be the first and last or maybe there would be more things to come but no matter what just continue making games and always do it with love.

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