How to make a Game?

Now a days a lot of people asking this question, how to make a game? and there’s a lot of possible reasons usually they are just curious about it, most of the time they heard that it could earn a lot and it could make them Millionaire instantly, some people just love doing it and make it as a hobby and some are really passionate about it and make something that people loves to play and they are all addicted to it or perhaps love their games.

so what ever reasons you have, you are here and reading this article because you want to start making games and that is something, it is one of the hardest part and this is making an effort to start because some people are just happy doing nothing and you are not and I’m proud of you. so you want to make game? are you really sure? making game is a big effort , i can say it’s a huge effort, most of the time people just look at the game as a simple thing they though making games is so easy like just writing something on Microsoft word and boom you have your game and sometimes people just think that it is just you copy the code and paste it and then yes you have your game.


Two common ways to start making a game

Alright! it seems you are really serious about making games because you are still here reading, to reward your effort i will tell you how to make games, now a days there’s a lot of way to make games and if you look at them carefully there’s only 2 major way, first is you can do it manually by making your own game engine and i can say that this is not a good idea unless you are a big company with a lot of money to invest and the second way is just used an existing game engine and start making game right away.

it sounds so simple right? yes because the first choice is definitely not the right way specially if you are alone and not a big company, and the second choice yes it is so easy you just download some existing game engine and boom you start making your own game, most of the new people who wants to make game fall in this trap they underestimate most of the things and forget the important things but you are lucky because you are here reading this article and we don’t want you to fall on this traps.

Skills that you need to make a game

Are you ready? alright let’s do this, first you need to know what skills do you have that can help you to make your game? ask your self can you do programming? , can you do art as in graphic assets like 2d or 3d, can you compose and make audio files for Sound effects and Background music or are you good in planning and game designing this skills is the most important one but there’s still a lot of skills involved on making games.

so i think you know now, what skill you can contribute to make your own game and probably you are now thinking what existing game engine to used and you are so lucky because there’s a lot of choice and some of them are free to use it’s all depends on you on what kind of game you want to make, what programming language you know, or even if you don’t know how to program you can still make a game

List of some Popular Game Engine

on that list most of the people choose Unity3d or Unreal, People choose Unity3d because they say it is easy to use and easy to learn and it’s true if you gonna used Unity3d i suggest that choose C# as your programming language instead of javascript to make your life more easier and Unity3d also have this AssetStore where you can get free or paid assets that you can used to jump start you game. If you love C++ programming language you can choose Unreal, most of the hardcore programmer love unreal because you know C++ (Power!) and yeah the particle effects and lighting of Unreal is so Good compare to unity3d, Lumberyard is a Game Engine created by Amazon this is also promising, this engine is like Unity3d and Unreal you can try it to see the difference

If you don’t know how to program it’s ok you can used Game Maker to start making your game, instead of Programming language you will used a scripting language called LUA don’t worry it is super friendly for the beginners. Corona is a Cross-Platform Framework like Game Maker it also used LUA scripting language and they say it is easy to learn

Cocos2dx is also a good choice because it’s free and powerful engine and can publish on Android and IOS. If you are focusing on web based game you can choose Phaser this is becoming famous now a days because of HTML5, Love2D  another promising open source Game Engine, Defold an open source Game Engine created by king the maker of Candy Crush, they say this Game Engine is focus on Performance, another Tip on Choosing Game Engine, make sure that it can build for different platforms like Web, PC, Android and IOS at least this four major platforms and you are Good!

And There you go!, i hope this introduction enlighten you about how to start making a game? and i wish that you still want to make a game and if you are? please continue reading our blogs and we will make sure that we will complete this how to make a game blog series until you know most of the things to equipped you with right knowledge and for you to have a big chance of completing your first game.

Thank you for visiting and reading our blog 🙂

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