The so called Game?

Hi every one yeah i know just another game blog, but you are wrong our blog is all about the real thing about the game. we will tackle a lot of things like how to make a game, why people makes game, the process of making a game, the joy and sadness of making a game, the reward and the true challenges that the game developers experienced before they actually achieved something that will change their life forever.

it could also means game industry, game development, game trend, game news, upcoming new hot games, the video game that you play whether on your console, PC, handheld devices or in your mobile devices and etc. we can’t promise to explain everything but we will try our best to discuss more things about game, game development, game market, game trends and game industry.


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So what it’s like to make a Game?

well making game is like a quest or a journey or maybe a mission. game developer creates game for different reasons one obviously is to earn money and to get rich instantly, to be popular, to make their dream become a reality or they just want to make other people happy by making a game, actually there’s a lot of reasons.

New Norms

Now a days things has changed most of the game developers make games just for the money and the bad things when making game just for the money, the game itself suffer a lot because they cut corners they want to finish game as soon as possible to earn more money. they forget that game is a form of ART. meaning you put love on your game when you make it, you cherish every moment , you planned everything so that players can feel, enjoy and experienced the art that you created.

well most of the game developer didn’t get the right treatment and the right salary. most of them is just leaving on a dream. that’s someday their game or  game studio will make a hit o the market. but i feel sorry for these game developers, because the market now a days is run by the BIG BOYS who can throw a lot of money for development and marketing. meaning it’s really hard to get noticed now a days, even you got a good game if you don’t have enough money for your marketing campaign things can go wrong.

Game Industry is a complicated world

Making game and game Industry is a complicated world and right now we just talked about a little part of it. game industry is also an exciting world it’s either you hit the jackpot or you hit the floor that’s why sometimes we feel like making game is a gambling because you don’t know if the world will gonna like your game or not.

and i think i need to end this article now, but don’t worry the next articles will be focus on things that can help you on how you gonna start making your own game

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post. Ciao!

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