Finger VS Bugs In Development

Hi Guys! we made this post to tell you that we are developing a simple yet addicting mobile game and the name of this game is Finger VS Bugs

it’s a tapping game and the goal is to be the one with the highest score and beat your friends score and other people scores

This post is all about what we used inside this game, what plugin, what game engine and other things like graphic assets.

The goal is how  we can  do more on a game that is so simple, how can we squished all juice on it and make this game both challenging and fun to play with the limitation of our time is so little because we have a day job for 8 hours so we can only do it on about 2 to 3 hours per day during  the night usually. so please follow our adventure on how  we’re going to  accomplish and complete this game.

Want to test Finger VS Bugs?  here’s the link

Google Play Store

Itunes Apple Store

Here is the Game Engine, tools, plugin and other things that we used in this game so far.

Game Engine – Unity3d is a good engine for making games for different platforms like pc, web, android, ios, ps, xbox and a lot more.

Tweening plugin –  Dotween free version if you want to try it here’s the link!/content/27676

Dotween Pro – here’s the pro version!/content/32416?aid=1101lGtb

Graphic Assets for GUI – Jungle UI!/content/35303?aid=1101lGtb

3d Model – Ants 3d models!/content/56474?aid=1101lGtb

Particle Effect – Cartoon FX Pack1!/content/4010?aid=1101lGtb

For Sharing and local notifications on Android – Android Ultimate Plugin!/content/38872?aid=1101lGtb

For Sharing on IOS Devices we used this plugin!/content/70861?aid=1101lGtb

For Google Play Game Service Plugin this one should work on both Android and ios but we used Unity3d API for accessing Game Center on IOS

For Ads like banner or interstitial this one works on both android and ios 🙂

Firebase Analytics

Need 3d Models with lots of discounts? check and register on this link

We will update this post until we complete the game and publish it on  Amazon app store and other different platforms for selling games or app BTW this game is FREE  just a little ads on it 🙂

Please download it and try it and gives us a good reviews and 5 stars this will help us a lot and thank you in Advance 🙂

For more questions or comments or suggestions just email us at

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