Android Ultimate Plugin Known Issues

Known Issues

Note:This issues is out of our control. because this is mobile hardware and brand specific issues.

1. On Account Info the Account name, phone number and email don’t always show because this is depends on the manufacturer of your
Android device some of them hide it or some of them really don’t put it to avoid other application to get this sensitive information.

2. On Contact Info most of the time it shows but like the above case some Android Device Manufacturer is hiding this or not allowing
other applications to access because again this is a sensitive information.

3. On Account Info some times the email address is shown multiple times because this email address is came from different
source like gmail account, yahoo account and other account that store email address.

4. On Internet Demo some people experiencing some negative WiFi IP, we really don’t know why is this happening
but most of the time everything is working fine.


This Issues is to be Fix.

1. when alarm is fired and when application is running and then you quit the application,then you click notification of alarm it will not open the app it will just hang
if this happens you need to force quit the application, still finding solution for this.

2. we just added ability to use from camera but right now it only support when Android Device is in portrait because when orientation is Landscape the image rotation is upside down

3. CameraIntentDemo used the intent camera this feature is still working but there’s a problem on rotation.


I hope this information helps you Guys to think if you will buy or not Android Ultimate Plugin.

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