Android Info Scanner FAQ

Android Info Scanner FAQ

Android Info Scanner is an Android plugin to help you access device and other information in Unity.

If you are developing games for the Android Platform and want to see more specific information on Android Devices, this plugin might help you

List of Features:

Does not extend UnityPlayerActivity

Note: For C# Lovers only

1. Get Android package id at Runtime
2. Get Android version at Runtime
3. Get Battery Life Percentage
4. Get Time
5. Get Phone Number (depends on device)
6. Get Android ID
7. Get Telephony Device ID
8. Get Telephony Sim Serial Number
9. Get Android Advertising ID
10. Generate Unique ID
11. Get Wifi IP
12. Get Wifi SSID
13. Get Wifi BSSID
14. Get Wifi Rssi
15. Get Wifi Speed in MBS
16. Get Wifi Signal Strength
17. Check if Wifi Connected
18. Check if Mobile Connected
19. Check if Wifi Connection is Fast
20. Check if Mobile Connection is Fast
21. Get Account Name (depends on device)
22. Get Account Email (depends on device)
23. Get Account Number (depends on device)
24. Get Contact Name (depends on device)
25. Get Contact Phone (depends on device)

Note: this is just only subset of Android Ultimate Plugin, we suggest you to buy the Android Ultimate Plugin instead

Here’s the Unity3d Asset Store link!/content/44553

Hi Guys for more tips on Android Info Scanner on how to use those Hardware specific keys, id or signature here’s some good blog that will discuss it


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