Android Ultimate Plugin Tutorial part 14 – Android Native UI

Hi Guys, Today we will tackle Android Native UI, so what is Android Native UI well it is UI commonly seen on Android and Android Ultimate Plugin had this four commonly use UI

Android Rate US Pop Up – this can be use when you want to ask player or user to make a rating for your game or application.




this is very easy to use , first you just need the instance of UtilsPlugin

private UtilsPlugin utilsPlugin = UtilsPlugin.GetInstance();

then we can now pass 0 to SetDebug because we dont want to see those Debug Toast Messages



Next the actual implementation of Rate US POPUP

public void ShowRateUsPopup(){
    string rateUsTitle = "My Rate US Title"
    string rateUsMessage = "Please Rate our awesome GAME!"
    string rateUsGameURL = "";


Android Alert Message – you can use this if you want to alert your player or user for example you want to say “you need to buy this first” or you are currently not connected to the internet.

Android Alert Pop UP
Android Alert Pop UP


To show Android Alert message

public void ShowAlertPopup(){
    string alertTitle = "My Alert Title"
    string alertMessage = "My Alert Message"


Android Loading UI – you can use this if you are loading something inĀ  your game that will takes time, and then when you are done doing it or loading for example your game data or your game textures, you can just call the hide method of loading UI

Loading UI
Loading UI


To show Android Loading UI

public void ShowNativeLoading(){
    string loadingMessage = "Loading please wait..."
    bool isCancelableWhenClick = false;


To Hide Android Loading UI

public void HideNativeLoading(){


Android Toast Message – you can use this if you what to say something to player or user and don’t want to interruptĀ  them.

Android Toast Message
Android Toast Message


To show Toast Message

public void ShowToastMessage(){
    string toastMessage= "Hi there!";

Note: limitations you cannot change the UI skins or graphics.

And that’s it, I Hope you know now what is Android Native UI


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