GAWANIMYD Production Made Games & Apps

Hi Guys we just want to share to you the “GAWANIMYD Production”

made games & Apps.
“GAWANIMYD Production” was a very humble game Developers that only learned game programming by his own self study.He started studying 3D modelling and animation then eventually turn it into a PC game,web ,and also a mobile game.

here’s the game that he made that was already in Google Play

Creepy Valentines

This Game is for Someone that was in love….

The Creepiest Valentines that you will  experience……

Share this Game to your Love Ones…..

Download it here :

Creepy Valentines



Bangus Game


Bangus is a national fish of the Philippines.

Its very hard to catch Bangus thats why we made

a Bangus Game just for Fun.After Catching Fish

we cook it already as your price in Catching them..

Download it here :



Untitled 2840



Brick Game Car Game

 Brick Game Car Game by “GAWANIMYD” was our just for Fun game. We just want to remake our Childhood game originated from the old game console “Brick Game”. For this game we make the balance to make the car move to left and right then tapping the screen will make the car boost its speed. Lets beat each other High Score.

Download it here :


Untitled 2842




 Roll a Ball By: GAWANIMYD proud to be Pinoy and Bosconian was a simple rolling ball game with a lots of obstacle to reach the goals.

This games can also help people with vibrating Syndromes and to make them acquire a good balancing  skills.

Download it here :



Untitled 2843



Electronic Apps by GAWANIMYD

 Electronic Apps by GAWANIMYD was a simple apps that was intent to help Electronics Hobbyist people…

We hope that this apps can help a lot of people in there Electronic work’s..

We will going to update this app time to time to produce more helpful function such as

Electronic Formula,Diagram and etc.

Updated now with

– some Electronic Formula…

– RLED = for getting the value of Resistor that use for the LED….

New Update

with Simple Diagram of Zener Diode Tester & Flyback,Yoke,Chopper Transformer Tester

with Multi output Power Supply…



Untitled 2839





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