FAQ – Android Ultimate Plugin (Frequently Asked Questions)

Note:  we just  updated the Android Ultimate Plugin and we changed the structure of the plugin and because of this changes the way on how to set it up changed a bit for more information on this changes please follow and read this link


How to build and run the sample Demo?

Please read this tutorial


if you still can’t get it watch this video tutorial for building the demo project


Tip: If you encounter any bugs or error or the plugin is not working at all please follow the tutorials carefully, this is created to help you, please please read it.

Here’s link for Tutorials



Android Ultimate Plugin is not working give me back my money

As i said before, Before purchasing please try it on your device, you can test it by installing our Demo APK, found in this link



Why my application crashed  or stops when i run it on my Android Device?

1. You don’t have an Android Manifest file

2. You place your Android Manifest file on the wrong directory it should be place on “Assets/Plugins/Android”

3.  If you have a Android Manifest File and its place on the correct directory please  check if the permissions needed by you application is there for more information about this you can visit this link and check if those permissions is present on your Android Manifest file



I have an Android Manifest File on “Assets/Plugins/Android” but still my application is crashing when i run on my Android Device why?

Possible Reasons

1. Your Android Manifest file is not latest

2. You Don’t have the required Android Permission on your Android Manifest File

3. Your Android Ultimate Plugin jar file is not latest

4. You don’t Properly imported the Android Ultimate Plugin, maybe you uncheck some files because you think you already have it.


How to update I just got the new updated Android Ultimate Plugin?

this is very easy to do, you just need to

1. Delete the AndroidUltimatePlugin Folder

2.  Import  the updated Android Ultimate Plugin

3.  Uncheck the “Assets/Plugins/Android/res” to avoid overwriting your files on that folder.

4. Import Everything

and that’s it your Android Ultimate Plugin is updated now.


What is the proper structure of Android Manifest File?

well if you wanted to know it, you can always visit this link below



 Is this Compatible with other  plugins?

Yes it should be compatible as long as your minSdkVersion is 9


Can i change the skin or graphics of your Android Native UI?

nope you can’t and sorry for that, but still you can use them even if you don’t change them like other big games on google play for example subway surfers (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiloo.subwaysurf&hl=en) try to press back key when you are on their home screen and a native UI will show.


 Local Notification is not working, why?

please check if you have android-support-v4.jar on “Assets/Plugins/Android” if this jar is missing please Re import it by importing Android Ultimate Plugin from Asset Store.


Speech To Text is not working and i only gets error why?

Speech To Text will only works if you have an internet connection on your Android Device so make sure that your Android Device is connected to the internet. if you are connected to the internet and Text to Speech is not working please check if you have a Android Manifest file which must be place in “Assets/Plugins/Android’ directory


Text To Speech  start, done and error event  is not working why?

Note: Text To Speech Event only works when your android API is 15


What is the current supported Locale on Text To Speech Features?

Right now the current supported is this locales


But you can try to getAvailableLocale on your device and this is always depends on your device, for samples look for Text To Speech Demo code after importing the plugin.


Why “camera error ” can’t connect to camera is always showing?

Possible Reasons

1. You don’t release the camera when you run applications that is using a camera

2. Other Application is using the camera service

3. You don’t have a permission on your Android Manifest file to access camera

4. You don’t have an Android Manifest File

5. You place your Android Manifest File on the wrong directory


After Taking a Picture or photo my application restart or crashed?

most of the time this is a out of memory issue, make sure you have enough space on your android device when taking picture.


After Getting a Image using Image Picker my application restart or crashed? 

most of the time this is a out of memory issue, make sure you have enough space on your android device when Getting a Image.


I can’t get any phone number on Android Advance info and Account info why?

getting phone number using Android Advance info and Account info  this phone number is sometimes empty , because it depends on your phone settings, or if there’s a stored information on your device if yes this will show else just empty.



 When sharing my screen shot or image on Facebook why title and message is remove?

this is known issue Facebook application just strips strings for no reason at all , that’s why when sharing on Facebook application you need to put description again. you can try to share on different app for example gmail for you to see that’s this is  not a bug on our plugin.


I want to Share Screen shot or image on Facebook and i want them to direct user to a URL link when clicked, can your plugin do this?

No you can’t, I think you are talking about Facebook Sharing  Feature you need to have an Approved Facebook Application and you must used Facebook API to do this. for more information you can check the link below





I want to make an Application on Facebook? can you help me?

this is off topic but you can follow this good tutorial Below





I can’t build my application after adding your Android Ultimate Plugin and it’s your  plugins fault!

Please make sure that you haven’t overwrite your Android Manifest File with Android Ultimate Plugin  Android Manifest File

Please check the log error, maybe this is a Min SDK error? if yes you can always increase minimum SDK on your Android Manifest File to fix that.

Please check if your Android Manifest File is not Malformed


 I want to implement Google play Services like Leader board, achievement, quest and events, can your plugin do this?

Another off topic question, but here’s a link to guide you



For more questions about Android Ultimate Plugin just email us at gigadrillgames@gmail.com

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