How to earn without ads from your free mobile games?

Hi Guys! today i will discuss to you on how to earn without ads from your free mobile games? i know you might ask? is that even possible? and yes it is possible and why its possible because of “TUTELA”. 

So How to earn without ads?

i know you want to know it so this is how, this company collect information about the quality of wireless networks while your app is being used and analyze the data to build a map of where network quality is good and bad and then they work with mobile companies to improve the quality of their networks, see it’s so amazing you earn without ads from your free mobile games while you help the world to become a better place by making sure all wireless network is stable and in good conditions.

For more information on this company

Their products


and  about how you can join them as a developer please follow this link below

and last this is super duper easy to integrate they have sdk and plugin for Android, IOS and Unity3d yeah! so cool right? 🙂

Now you can earn without ads from your free mobile game and the best part of this is the players will not get annoyed anymore and your players can now enjoy your game completely without any surprises and popup straight in their face.

Earn without ads from your free mobile games


if you are developing games or apps in Unity3d you may encounter some errors and problems when building on Android especially when you got other Android Plugins inside your project to fix this, just follow the list below maybe there’s more but doing this things on my case works well

  1. set your Android Manifest minimum sdk to 14 and set your target sdk version to 23
  2. add this to your Android Manifest uses-feature android to glEsVersion = “0x00020000”
  3. Make sure all of your playservices .aar files is the same version if not you might encounter weird conflict errors

I tested this on Unity3d version 5.5.1 and runs smooth on my Samsung S5 phone with Android OS version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and i haven’t test on IOS but i think it will run with smoothly , i hope so 🙂


Earned using Survey

Here’s another way you can also earn by offering a survey inside your games using pollfish tools

How it works

  1. You design your own survey and customize it based on your target audience
  2. Integrate their sdk on your game
  3. And then you are ready , you just need to show the survey in your game in the right and correct time and viola you earned some money.

Advanced target audience

you can target specific audience that you want by choosing a variety of criteria by country,region,city,gender,age range, persona, marital status and a lot more

You can use it for up sell

Up selling your lite app to pro app
Up selling your lite app to pro app

For Removing ADS

removing ads
removing ads

For Giving In game items

in game items


And There you go, you got two ways now to earned money on your free mobile game without using ads.

I hope this information helps you out to decide whether you will used ads or this new way of earning or both on your game or apps at least you have a wholesome choice now not just ads!

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Android Ultimate Plugin Tutorial part 9 – Local Notification

Hi Guys, if you haven’t try our Local Notification feature on Android Ultimate Plugin here’s some tutorial,  I know you wanted to change the icon on that notification and I also know that you wanted to customize that notification alert sound and you are lucky we are going to this discuss it right now.

add this permission on your Android manifest file before <application> tag

then add this line at the end of  main </activity>  tag  and before </application> tag

this will received your local notification event when activated. without this no notification will show.

Note:  this tutorial is outdated and Android Ultimate Plugin Controller does not exist anymore.

Let’s start coding, First thing to do get the instance of AndroidUltimatePluginController

Old way

New way

First thing to do get the instance of LocalNotificationPlugin


Next we set SetDebug Method to 0 because we don’t want to see any Debug Toast Messages

Old way

New way

And to set a Local Notification we call ScheduleNotification() method and pass corresponding values which is the following

Old way

Then wait for 3000 milliseconds or 3 seconds

New way


Note: if we set the debug mode to 1 notification will be triggered even if our application is currently running. if the debug mode is 0 local notification will not be triggered if our application is currently running.

to test Local Notification when Debug is 0, we need to activate Local Notification then quit or close our application and wait for Local Notification to be triggered after 3 seconds.

After testing and we confirm that it is working perfectly now is the time to change the icon of Local Notification, you can do this by going to “Assets/Plugins/Android/res” and look for the folder drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi, drawable-mdpi, drawable-xhdpi,drawable-xxhdpi and replace the ic_launcher.png by your own customize png image


Note: make sure that the filename of the new  png  is “ic_launcher” don’t rename it. if you rename it , it will not work or it can produce a bug or your app might stop.


then after that if you wanted to change the alert sound just replace the alert.wav files with you own wav files this file can be found at “Assets/Plugins/Android/res/raw”


Note: make sure that the filename of the new wav is “alert” don’t rename it. if you rename it , it will not work or it can produce a bug or your app might stop.

And that’s it, it should be working now and I Hope that you are happy with your new notification icon and notification alert sound.

Note: don’t forget to place android-support-v4.jar on “Assets/Plugins/Android” local notification required it to make it work.

For Reference Here’s the code that we used on Local Notification Demo and Noticed this code has been changed to show the new version on how to used it.


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Happy Coding 🙂

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