Automatic RPG – Game Review

Hello people of the earth another game review by no one else but me, this past few weeks I’m playing with this RPG  game on my smart phone, this RPG game is so simple yet he captured the essence of a RPG game and the name of this game is Automatic RPG by R.O.APP the game title is so generic that’s why when you 1st see it , you will not download it because you will think that it’s just another shitty clone game.

the game icon is not attractive too but luckily even though i got the feeling that this game is not good i tried it because it was featured on Google play. that’s the big thing even though your game name is not the good and even your game icon is not the attractive your game will going to be noticed and people will try it that’s the power of getting featured on a game store like Google play.

Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG

Playing the game

When I first play the game, i just noticed that the layout is just like brave frontier game so I’m expecting that the  game mechanics is just like that game. but after the tutorial yes the game explain that this is a taping game just like tap titan. so i try the game and here’s go the story what’s funny about this game is the simple story the king called the hero because he thinks demon king is the one responsible for all the bad things that is happening to him and to his kingdom.

then after calling the hero the game starts , thus the tapping of the attack button starts. after few times of tapping the attack button i noticed i gain experienced and gold by killing enemy and sometimes there’s a random item. what amazed me is you don’t have to equip those item because once you collect them it will be automatically in use and that’s cool because you don’t need to visit inventory to equip that unless you want to review the information and see the look of this item.

After killing those monster the experience that you gained is collected and you can use them to level up your hero  or other character in the game. the character in the  game is composed of Archer, Holy Knight, Warrior, Mage and you the hero. you will meet them as you progress in the game, but sorry to tell  you that you can only control the hero because the other character is automatically attack or use their especial skills. every character has 3 special skills that you can unlock at certain levels.  the game continue by just grinding and killing enemy again and again.

Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG

Boss Battle

During Boss Battle you cannot control your hero, this is a bad news for Master Tapper Gamer. you can only watch your hero and other character fight the boss and hope that you can defeat the boss enemy. one more thing when you are fighting with normal stage when you died you will be resurrected again after some intervals but when you are fighting with boss stage, when you are dead you’re dead that’s it. when you died during boss fight all you have to do is to go back to normal stages and grind and kill more enemies to gain more levels, gold , item and buy some equipment from the shop  to defeat the boss.

Final words for Automatic RPG

Automatic RPG is a simple yet fun to play rpg game and it’s worth downloading. Automatic RPG is a game that does not take a lot of time and you can always play it anytime or just leave it for a while without thinking what to do next.  great game for Past time especially when you are stuck on a traffic or waiting for someone. heads up your thumb will be numb while playing this game.

Good luck and enjoy the game.

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