Going Home a Pixel Horror Game – Released on Android (Google Play Store) and IOS(Apple App Store)


Going Home

Going Home a Pixel Horror Game is an indie horror game that focuses on the deep and dark mysteries. experience the incredible atmospheric sound track and pixel art graphics that matches the tone and dreadfulness of the narrative.

this is the story of a young man who must solve puzzles in order to find his missing family and to solve what haunts them in the house. everything, while slowly remembering his own dark past, must be aware of the fear that lurks around the shadows.

Available on the following App Store

Google Play Store(Android):



Apple App Store(IOS):



  • Horror game that doesn’t rely on jumpscares
  • Beautiful soundtracks
  • Difficult puzzles
  • Pixel art graphics
  • Psychological deep and dark story

Differences between the PRO and FREE VERSIONS:

  • Pro Version includes the Music Gallery. Enjoy the amazing soundtracks!
  • Pro Version no Advertisement.

our game was originally developed for the desktop platforms like Windows, MacOSX, and Linux.

In desktop version players navigate using a flashlight controlled by mouse, but using flashlight mechanic is not good for touchscreen devices. so we changed it to a lamp light.This game is made with love (pun intended), LOVE2D Framework.

All assets and soundtracks are self-made. Some sound clips are from the wonderful folks at freesound.org, thank you for providing cool audio for free.

Having Troubles Finishing The Game?

Here’s a in-depth guide on how to: http://gamejolt.com/games/goinghome/237280/devlog/definite-guide-in-finishing-the-game-w9n5ikmy

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How to earn without ads from your free mobile games?

Hi Guys! today i will discuss to you on how to earn without ads from your free mobile games? i know you might ask? is that even possible? and yes it is possible and why its possible because of “TUTELA”. 

So How to earn without ads?

i know you want to know it so this is how, this company collect information about the quality of wireless networks while your app is being used and analyze the data to build a map of where network quality is good and bad and then they work with mobile companies to improve the quality of their networks, see it’s so amazing you earn without ads from your free mobile games while you help the world to become a better place by making sure all wireless network is stable and in good conditions.

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and last this is super duper easy to integrate they have sdk and plugin for Android, IOS and Unity3d yeah! so cool right? 🙂

Now you can earn without ads from your free mobile game and the best part of this is the players will not get annoyed anymore and your players can now enjoy your game completely without any surprises and popup straight in their face.

Earn without ads from your free mobile games


if you are developing games or apps in Unity3d you may encounter some errors and problems when building on Android especially when you got other Android Plugins inside your project to fix this, just follow the list below maybe there’s more but doing this things on my case works well

  1. set your Android Manifest minimum sdk to 14 and set your target sdk version to 23
  2. add this to your Android Manifest uses-feature android to glEsVersion = “0x00020000”
  3. Make sure all of your playservices .aar files is the same version if not you might encounter weird conflict errors

I tested this on Unity3d version 5.5.1 and runs smooth on my Samsung S5 phone with Android OS version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and i haven’t test on IOS but i think it will run with smoothly , i hope so 🙂


Earned using Survey

Here’s another way you can also earn by offering a survey inside your games using pollfish tools https://www.pollfish.com/blog/2016/05/18/rewarded-surveys-monetize-mobile-apps/

How it works

  1. You design your own survey and customize it based on your target audience
  2. Integrate their sdk on your game
  3. And then you are ready , you just need to show the survey in your game in the right and correct time and viola you earned some money.

Advanced target audience

you can target specific audience that you want by choosing a variety of criteria by country,region,city,gender,age range, persona, marital status and a lot more

You can use it for up sell

Up selling your lite app to pro app
Up selling your lite app to pro app

For Removing ADS

removing ads
removing ads

For Giving In game items

in game items


And There you go, you got two ways now to earned money on your free mobile game without using ads.

I hope this information helps you out to decide whether you will used ads or this new way of earning or both on your game or apps at least you have a wholesome choice now not just ads!

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PBA Slam – Game Review

Hello every one! today I will make a “Game Review” and I think, I will pick a sports genre. You want to know the title of this game?  its PBA SLAM! published and developed by Ranida Games one of the best Game Studio here in the Philippines they make a lot of Pinoy Theme based games and most of them is really good.


PBA Slam
PBA Slam


First impression PBA Slam

So my first impression is yeah another basket ball game genre on mobile. Here’s how to play the game, you have a two character and you play against the two AI in the game. Your goal is to score as much as possible to beat AI. What cool about this game is the “Slam Dunk” it’s really fun seeing your character flying and do a “Slum  Dunk” with matching cool commentator voice it’s feels like you are actually the playing inside the game and that is fun and it feels good.

At first I just tried the game and think after 5 minutes i will guess what? you are correct i will uninstall the game but after actually playing and tried the game yeah I’m hooked to it because i like doing slam dunk and see those character flying with particle all over them it’s so entertaining and what’s funny thing about this game is they are using the actual faces of the PBA players including Manny Pacquiao “PACMAN” one of the most famous boxer in the world, this gives the feeling that you actually watching a PBA game on TV.


The graphics in this game is also cool because you know that they put extra effort especially on the game characters and the basket ball court. What it’s lack for me is game UI , it feels like it’s not that polished oh well this game is still not complete yet, so i guess this game UI will polished when they complete the game.

Background music is worth noting because it’s the official music of the Philippine Basket Ball Association and Gloc-9 is one of the rapper in this song and he is famous in the philippines too. Comments from commentator also contributes to the fun side of this games because it’s giving funny humors that’s makes you smile sometimes.


PBA Slam Dunk
PBA Slam Dunk

Verdict on PBA Slam

After playing for a while what I just noticed is I’m having hard time controlling my character I don’t know if it’s only me or my phone sucks i really can’t steal the ball from my enemies I just get the ball when they are done shooting or scoring.

Aside from that the over all game play is fun, what I can say is, this is a well made basket ball mobile game and I’m looking forward to see this game to be completed as soon as possible to make player come back again because some features are still locked and this features especially the “multiplayer” mode will be the reason why players will come back to compete with other real players.

Closing notes well it’s a decent game and I’m telling everyone that you should try this game as in right now! yes it’s a command not a request!

Here’s the link of PBA Slam, right now its only available on google play but soon they will be releasing on IOS Itune Store and maybe on other Apps Store too.


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That’s all for today! see yah!