Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex

Hi Guys, its been a while we’ve been busy doing new tool for Crypto Currencies trading like Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin, XRP, Dash and a lot more and today we are happy that our new tool is ready for beta test.

Our new tool is Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex, Bittrex is a Cyrpto Currency Exchange where you can buy and sell Crypto Currencies to know more about Bittrex please follow this link, we know that trading is fun and exciting and but we also noticed that it takes a lot of time to watch and wait, so in order to solve this problem we made our Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex.


So What’s Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex?

is a mobile application that is created for Bittrex users, this mobile app is connected to our server and will auto buy and sell Crypto currencies for you,  our server fetch all the data from Bittrex exchange and our bot will decide based on this new data from Bittrex, our bot focus is on dip when there’s a dip our bot will try to buy using the buy percent you set on our mobile application and then it will sell it based on your sell percent profit setting, well i know you are asking if this mobile application is safe? what we can tell  is, we already used it ourselves and the results it quite promising, our bot knows when to buy based on the data that we fetch from Bittrex Exchange and sell things based on Trade Settings,but of course in Crypto Currency world there’s no Magic Bullet that can work 100% but we can assured you that our Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex is really working, the thing is if you want to earn more you need to put more money on your Bittrex account but please use BTC because our bot used BTC only when buying and selling things.


How to used it?

Well using our Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex is so easy, you just need to have an existing account on Bittrex, and have your API  key and Secret ready, because our bot needs those API KEY and SECRET KEY to communicate on Bittrex Server

How to Generate API KEY and SECRET KEY?

you  just need to login on your Bittrex account and then go to API Keys tab to generate API Key and Secret and make sure everything is TURN ON READ INFO, TRADE LIMIT and TRADE MARKET , if not our Auto trade bot will not work!


API key biitrex part 1
API key bittrex part 1
Just on the 1st three
Just ON the 1st three, no need for Withdraw permission

Super Important: after you Turn ON Read Info, Trade Limit and Trade Market please don’t forget to click the update button see image below and then open your google Authenticator and enter the Authenticator code on Bittrex see image below and then that’s it, to double check go to different page of Bittrex and go back to API key and secret page to see if everything is still turn on, most of the users missed this part, that’s why most users bot is not working.

update keys
update keys

Note: Don’t turn on Withdraw this is super Dangerous people might get all your funds in your account

Note: you need to enable your Two-Factor Authentication just follow the Bittrex instructions for this , usually you will just download google Autheticator App, scan Bittrex QR and then your in it will generate code every 30 seconds or 60 seconds and key in that on Bittrex every time you login or change something or your Account.

this is the URL link for Google Authenticator  apps from Google play store- Google Authenticator

once you have Bittrex Account and API Key and secret, you need to make sure you have at least $100 to what ever amount you are happy to invest on your Bittrex account to try out Auto Trade Bot.

You can download Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex on Google Play Store here’s the link:

After that you can open our app and register using your Email, Mobile number or your Facebook. once you signed up successfully you will received an Email or SMS for your username and password, you can now login using your username or password

Report Menu here you will see the status of your bot

Main auto trade bot for bittrex
Main auto trade bot for bittrex

and here’s the details for each item on this menu

BTC Total Earning is the total BTC earning – BTC lose

BTC Earning – the total BTC you earned using Auto Trade Bot For Bittrex

BTC Lose the BTC you lose when the bot sell for stop-loss or you sell it manually for lose

Estimate Balance  – total estimate BTC  balance on you Bittrex Account includes everything that has BTC value on your account.

Current BTC – the current available BTC on your bittrex account.

Buy Count – the Auto Trade Bot total buy using your Bittrex Account

Sell Count – the Auto Trade Bot total sell using your Bittrex Account

Inventory Count – the difference of buy count minus sell count

Trade Points – 2 Trade Points is deducted on your account every time your bot buy or sell, your bot will stop trading when trade points reached zero, to add Trade Points you just need to watch ads and complete it and then you will received 4 Trade Points or you can buy on our in app always check your trade points to prevent your bot to stop trading. each user will received 25 free Trade Points when they create a new account. 2 Trade Points is also deducted when you manually sell and delete using Trades panel

Key and Secret Status – this will tell you if your Bittrex API and Secret key is valid or invalid, usually after you input your Bittrex API and Secret key don’t forget to start your bot click the Start Trade button and then wait for a while it will auto update the display once everything is ok.

User ID – this is the unique id of our user, you can click this and then it will be copied to clipboard , you can now paste it send this to us together with your issue or error or message when you encounter some problem on our app, you can contact us directly on our Facebook page or our email

Note: you can click or tap UserID and it will copied on clipboard , you can now easily send it to us together with your issues or problems.

Note: BTC Earning, Total Estimate and , Current BTC is always Changing based on Current Price of Bitcoin in the market. our Market data price is came from this reliable source BlockChain.Info



We got Three Major Control and a settings on Report Menu

Risk Factor – Decide weather you like playing Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive but the more you increased this, you also increased the risk that when the bot buy something it will be sold later or longer , if you want to play safe just use conservative

Tip: want to play safe used Conservative Always, or Play Hard use Aggressive but super Risky!!

Tip: Moderate is the best

Stop Trade – this is a panic button if you want to stop the bot from buying and selling you can do so but of course you need to manually do everything again.

Red AlertImportant you must Activate this when the market is RED, to make sure that your bot will not buy everything that is DIP, because when market is RED everything is DIP, when you activate this bot will only buy those that is super DIP to be safe

Tip: Combination of Conservative and Red Alert is Perfect when the Market is ALL RED and SUPER DOWN, to play safe of course!

Settings Menu – here you can see more controls and option




Change Password Menu here you can change your password if you used Email or Mobile Number to register or signup,  for Facebook to need to change any password you will auto login when your Facebook is currently login.


Trade Settings Menu here you can modify Buy Percent, Target Profit Percent and Stop-Loss Percent

Buy Percent – how many percent of your available BTC you want to use when bot is buying

Target Profit Percent – how much you want to earn  in percentage when the bot Sell

Stop-Loss – how much percentage before selling to prevent further lost

Buy Limit Count – limit for buying specific coin , if you put 3 here , the bot will only buy 3 of each Crypto Currencies. ex. if you put buy limit to 1 and your bot already buy ETH , it won’t buy ETH again even if the market is super dip. this is good for diversifying your portfolio but if you want to try the layering technique try to put at least 3 buy limit.

Auto Red Alert – this will trigger Red Alert mode when it detects that the market is crashing or super duper dip this will prevent you to lose more. but the bot will have hard time buying because of this so it is depends on your risk tolerance and your greed factor.

Trailing Stop – use trailing stop if you want to update the stop loss when the coin price increased

Tip: use trailing stop when market is Bear

Trailing Profit and Price Deviation – use to update the stop loss using the price deviation but it only updates the stop-loss when the coin reach the target profit so instead of selling the coin it just updates the stop-loss use this to maximize the earning.

Tip: use trailing Profit when market is Bull

Note: you can’t use trailing stop-loss and trailing profit at the same time

HODL  – use HODL when you want to hold or keep all the coin, meaning you are telling the bot to don’t sell any coin, this one is useful when market is super dip or crashing and you feel like the market will recover some how.




Trades Menu here you will see the crypto currencies that the bot bought for you , you can safely sell or delete trade item here compare on going to bittrex website and sell it manually. sell will send a sell order on bittrex using the last known price of the bot for that crypto currency and delete is for removing that trade on bot database because you want to hold that crypto currency.

Update: we also added HOLD button on each coin, you can use this to HOLD or keep specific coin, this is telling our bot to don’t sell this specific coin. the button will turn Green if the HOLD is currently Active.

Trades Panel
Trades Panel


Update API Key and Secret Menu here is the place where you need to input your Bittrex API Key and Secret

After you key in and update your Bittrex API Key and Secret you can now press Start Trade and the bot will buy and sell for you if you input the correct API KEY and API Secret, but if you put wrong API key and Secret the bot will auto stop.


Mini Chat

Here you can chat with other users of our bot, you will only received message when you login that’s why you can’t see any chat history messages




Here you can Buy Trade Points this is created for people who don’t want to waste time watching ads and prefer buying Trade Points instead




Sell Report Panel this is a the place where you can see the coins that the bot sell and the coins that you manually sell. you can also delete this reports if you want.

SellReport Panel
SellReport Panel


Support Button will lead to our Facebook page which is this

How to use Button will lead to this website

What if I LOSE?

Actually that’s the good thing about Trading in the Market, you will only LOSE when you sell things that you bought for less, so Another TIP: don’t manually sell things that Auto Trade Bot buy for you because Auto Trade Bot keeps track of his own database so if you manually sell it , it might look for it and may caused some problem so don’t manually sell, you can manually buy and manually sell if you are sure about the things you are selling.

I want to try it now, is it FREE?

Yes, the mobile application is FREE but every time you sell (Trade Sell) and buy (Trade Buy) we deduct Trade Points on your account, you need to have a Trade Points to operate your bot. if you reached zero Trade Points your bot will auto stop. to add more Trade Points just go to settings , click watch ads and watch the complete ads and then you will earned Trade Points or if you don’t want wasting time on watching ADS you can also buy Trade Points on our in app shop so easy right?, so if you like this approach you can try it now 🙂

Well i try it and it’s not working why?

if your bot is not buying or working you need to check the following

  1. Make sure you have at least $100 worth (BTC) available in your Bitttrex account the higher the better because crypto currencies is getting expensive now a days
  2. Make sure you turn ON the Read Info, Trade Limit and Trade Market permission when you generate your API Key and Secret on Bittrex
  3. Make sure you key in the correct API KEY and SECRET
  4. Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  5. Make sure you have Trade Points
  6. Turn off Auto Red Alert mode and Deactivate Red Alert mode


  1. Always Choose Conservative or moderate mode if you want a safe trade but slow earning and slow buy if you want faster buy aggressive mode
  2. Activate Conservative mode when market is down and Activate Red Alert to prevent our app to buy everything that is dip or down.
  3. if you want to make the bot buy most of the time use Aggressive risk mode

Don’t s

  1. Manually sell the cryto currencies that bought by our bot on bittrex website or bittrex app, this will create less accurate information on our app, example our bot buy 3 and you sell 2 manually, of course our bot cannot sell something that didn’t exist and this affects the display data on our app the 2 buy that you sell manually will stay there
  2. Activate Aggressive mode when market is down or red unless you want to buy everything.
  3. Let your bot reach zero Trade Points, reaching zero will lead to the bot not working at all. it will stop trading and updating your display data


More FAQ


How Stop-Loss works? ex. you set -20% stop-loss and you didn’t turn ON the Trailing stop loss and Trailing Profit, the bot buy ETH for $100 and the stop-loss set to $80, ETH increased to $135, stop-loss won’t triggered, ETH price drop to $90 stop-loss won’t triggered, ETH drop again to $70, stop-loss triggered and it will sell the coin around $70 to $80 range depends on market changes and speed it varies

How the Trailing Stop-Loss works?  example. your trade setting Stop-Loss = -20% , the bot buy ETH for 100 USD and then the stop-loss set to 80 USD (-20%), the ETH increased price to 110 USD increased by 10% the stop-loss updates to 88 USD, ETH price increased again to 150 USD , stop-loss updates to 130 USD (-20%), the ETH price drop to 140 USD, stop-loss wont update, ETH price Drop to 125 USD the stop-loss triggered and it will sell the ETH around $124 to $129 range, it varies depends on the market changes

How the Trailing Profit Works? this one is very similar to trailing stop-loss but this one only updates the stop-loss using price deviation that you set when it hits the Target Profit ex. trade setting target profit 20%, price deviation 5%, stop-loss = -10%, bot buy the ETH for $100 and then it set stop-loss to $90, the ETH price increased to $110(10%)  stop-loss wont update, the ETH price increased again by 10%  $120 now on this stage it reached the target profit but instead of selling it, it will only updates the stop-loss to $114 (which is $120 – 5%(price Deviation)), the ETH price increased again to $170, the stop-loss updates  to  $161.5 (which is $170 – 5%(price Deviation)), ETH price drop to $140, the stop-loss triggered and the coin sell between $140 to $161.5 it varies depends on the market changes

Any Recommended Trade Settings? Buy percent 10%, Target Profit 10%, stop-loss -20%, turn on trailing stop-loss, turn on Auto Red Alert, set risk to Moderate mode

Can i use other coin for trading like ETH or USDT? currently we are using BTC only but we will add that feature soon.

I already Stop my bot Trade and turn Red Alert mode, why my bot still buying? maybe the bot is about to buy that coins during the time you turn it off so it’s too late, you need to do this in advance if your really want to turn off the trade

I turn on Red Alert Mode why my bot still buying coins? Red Alert mode only tells the bot to buy coins if they are super dip maybe this time the coins in the market is really super dip, during this time if you don’t want your bot to do trades just stop the bot trade.

How long before the display data on the app update? the display data on the app updates every 5 minutes, if you want to  see the update just close and open the app.

Do the bot use any Strategy or Technique? The bot Scan the data from Bittrex every minute and we do a check very similar to SMA but in a much faster way

Are you planning to add more Strategies in the future aside from the default one? yes don’t worry, we are planning to add more strategies soon.

I want to buy specific coin only, can i do that? like i can add or remove coin on my bot list? as of now we don’t have that feature our bot just scan all coins in bittrex

Do you have a copy bot settings feature for example one of your user bot is doing well and we want to copy that settings too, it will be awesome for lazy people just like me as of now we haven’t but we are thinking to add that once most of the essential features is added

Do i need to keep open the app on my mobile phone so that bot will work? no need , our bot is in the cloud it will run 24/7, you can close the app any time you want, your bot will still work, our app is just an interface to our bot for you to control it and apply settings that you want

When i login i just stuck on loading and it didn’t go through why? usually when this happen just close and open the app again, most of the time  the reason for this is not stable internet connection

I Changed my password and now i can’t login anymore? what to do? if you encounter this we need to know your userid or at least your username or mobile number or email when you sign up or register and proof that you are the right person and send us to our email at for the support

My Bot is not buying? it’s not working? check if your the Red Alert Mode is ON, turn it off and also toggle off the Auto Red Alert, set your risk factor to moderate or aggressive, make sure you have enough Trade Points, make sure you have enough BTC at least $100 (Available BTC not Total Estimate BTC) on your Bittrex Account, make sure you put correct API key and secret and you tick the required permission but excluding withdraw and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

I can’t login my Email and Password is correct, how come? if you register using Email please use your Username and password when you login not your email address

Why the app needs permissions for images,files and location? this one is required by our Facebook login and we also need to get image profile, name and email from your Facebook account to record your data in our database and image profile for the chat feature

My Display data is mess up and not accurate? why? if this happen please send us your userid by clicking userid and then it will copied to clipboard and send it to us together with your issues at or message us on our facebook page

My Trade Points suddenly become zero? after i watch ads or buy trade points please help! if this happen try to close the app and open it again maybe just delay on displaying data if this not work please send us your userid by clicking userid and then it will copied to clipboard and send it to us together with your issues at or message us on our facebook page

Do you have a referral program? i want to invite my friends to try this app right now we don’t have but if you invite your friends please ask for their userid and send it to us we will give you 500 trade points as a reward when they buy their 1st trade points to us.

If you can’t find the answer on your issues or problem or error that you experienced on this page please email us at or message us on our Facebook page


Another Note: we are not affiliated with Bittrex we are not working for them


Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex is only Buy and Sell Automation based on the current data on Bittrex Exchange. event like PUMP and DUMP happens everyday and every where even a Good Trader will failed when people are Manipulating the Market Heavily. so given that information we are not responsible if you win or lose this is trade market people win and lose that’s the reality and that’s how it works. we are just simply making things easier and simple for you especially when you don’t have time to Trade and watch the Chart 24/7.

“Always Remember this Never Invest MORE THAN you are willing to LOSE”

BTW  if you want IOS version here’s the link for IPA installer

How to install the IPA on your IPhone or IPAD

1. download the ipa 1st and put in your mac machines
2. open itunes and follow this video

Well That’s All for now!! 🙂

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