Android Ultimate Plugin Speech Recognizer 1.7.5

Hello Guys, its been a while since i last post about our Android Ultimate Plugin and now i will just clarify some things on Speech Recognizer because a lot of people is getting confuse on some of the Speech Recognizer API’s

1# StartListeningWithExtraSetting


numberOfResults – the number of possible results based on what you say


speechMinimumLengthInMillis – speech recognizer will continue to listen until reached this time. based on android developer documentation

The minimum length of an utterance. We will not stop recording before this amount of time. Note that it is extremely rare you’d want to specify this value in an intent. If you don’t have a very good reason to change these, you should leave them as they are. Note also that certain values may cause undesired or unexpected results – use judiciously! Additionally, depending on the recognizer implementation, these values may have no effect.

Constant Value: “android.speech.extras.SPEECH_INPUT_MINIMUM_LENGTH_MILLIS”

speechWaitingTimeInMillis – the length of time to wait to consider that speaking is already done or complete. based on Android Developer documentation

The amount of time that it should take after we stop hearing speech to consider the input complete. Note that it is extremely rare you’d want to specify this value in an intent. If you don’t have a very good reason to change these, you should leave them as they are. Note also that certain values may cause undesired or unexpected results – use judiciously! Additionally, depending on the recognizer implementation, these values may have no effect.


2# StopCancel – is just a combination of stop and cancel this one will stop the current task and then cancel it

3# EnableModal – when true it will show a text telling the people to say something, false to hide the text

4# EnablePartialResult – will send partial results even if the speech is still in progress

5# SetCallingPackage – you need to pass a package id string here ex. com.yourcompany.youapplicationname, this is required when your app or game is targeted for kids please look for google play store policy for this

6# EnableOffline – you can pass true here if you want to use it offline but on some phone models this one is not working cause not every phone got the same hardware and software

7# CancelSpeech – cancel the current speech recognizer task

8# StopListening – to stop listening

Together with Speech Recognizer demo we also used

this one is to mute and unmute the beep because usually on android there’s a built in beep when you used Speech Recognizer

Common Questions

  1. can i continues run the speech recognizer? No , if you want this used something that is more advance like google speech recognition
  2. Can i record using Speech TTS? nope we don’t have this feature
  3. Why other Feature of Speech Recognizer is not implemented? we didn’t implement everything to make it less problematic because some other features might create unexpected problems

I Hope this short post make things clear to you guys 🙂

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Android Ultimate Plugin Unity3d Demo APK

Hi Guys! here’s the new Demo of our Plugin you can download it to try it 1st before you purchase from Unity3d Asset Store!/search/page=1/sortby=popularity/query=publisher:13227

Demo Links:

Android Ultimate Plugin version 1.7.5

Finger VS Bugs – integrated with Android Ultimate Plugin , Google Play Plugin Services and Google Mobile Ads Admob

Google Play Store Link:

Itunes App Store Link:

Android Ultimate Plugin Lite

Android Speech TTS

Android Info Scanner

And Also Android Sensor which can be found on this link!/content/43522

And Here’s the demo of Android Sensor

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Android Ultimate Plugin Major Changes 1.7.1 Part 1

Hi Guys! our Android Ultimate Plugin have Major Changes 1.7.1 that’s why I’m making this post today but don’t worry this changes only change the structure and the  way you used the plugin is still the same, so no need to worry 🙂

this is the new structure 1st level  Assets/Plugins/Android – in this directory you will see that we added a new folder called aup  where the android ultimate plugin files will move and we remove the old jars and library that we are using and we added a 5 new .aar files these libraries is our new dependencies so please remember them.

you can download these new libraries on this link because Unity3d  asset store for sure will not allow this libraries to be included on the plugin

2nd level Assets/Plugins/Android/aup – inside this you will see the Android Manifest, libs folder, file, res folder and SampleAndroidManifest as you can see this is the same things that you see before the only difference is the AUP.jar now is inside the libs folder and we add the files to tell Unity3d that this directory is an Android Library.

Note: on res folder there’s a values folder inside and  we remove that reason it’s one of the reason why other plugin is not working when combine with Android Ultimate Plugin because it resets the API id to the old one .

Inside the libs folder you will the AUP.jar which is the jar of Android Ultimate Plugin

Note: please read and remember this new .aar libraries

Because of this changes we need to delete the followings files:

  1. google-play-services_lib
  2. android-support-v4.jar
  3. android-support-v7-appcompat.jar

And we add these new 5 .aar files

  1. appcompat-v7-23.0.1.aar
  2. support-v4-23.0.1.aar
  3. play-services-games-9.2.1.aar
  4. play-services-base-9.2.1.aar
  5. play-services-basement-9.2.1.aar

these .aar files can be found inside your Android SDK  the directory is “YOUR ANDROID SDK ROOT FOLDER”/extras/google/m2repository/com/google/android/gms inside these directory there’s a bunch of libraries see below image for reference. just check each one of them and take note the version is important it should be the same to avoid conflicts or any problem when building your project.

these are the libraries inside that directory and it’s a lot just used get what we need that’s why google make it that way because before everything is in one library (google-play-services_lib) and it’s too many if you just used few of them on your project its just a waste of storage and resources

Next the Support .aar files which is  appcompat-v7-23.0.1.aar and support-v4-23.0.1.aar , you can find it on this directory “YOUR_ANDROID_SDK_ROOT_FOLDER”/extras/android/m2repository/com/android/support inside this folder you will also see a lot of support libraries too, see the image below

during this post my next test is too try to used the google play services plugin from this link i know that most of you is using the same plugin for accessing the google play services, i will update this post or post a new one after my test if our plugin will play nice with it or will have a conflict or not

So that’s it for now , i hope this little information will make everything clear to you guys!

Combining Android Ultimate Plugin and Google Play Services continuation part 2

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Thanks for visiting and reading Till next time! 🙂