Finger VS Bugs In Development

Hi Guys! we made this post to tell you that we are developing a simple yet addicting mobile game and the name of this game is Finger VS Bugs

it’s a tapping game and the goal is to be the one with the highest score and beat your friends score and other people scores

This post is all about what we used inside this game, what plugin, what game engine and other things like graphic assets.

The goal is how  we can  do more on a game that is so simple, how can we squished all juice on it and make this game both challenging and fun to play with the limitation of our time is so little because we have a day job for 8 hours so we can only do it on about 2 to 3 hours per day during  the night usually. so please follow our adventure on how  we’re going to  accomplish and complete this game.

Want to test Finger VS Bugs?  here’s the link

Google Play Store

Itunes Apple Store

Here is the Game Engine, tools, plugin and other things that we used in this game so far.

Game Engine – Unity3d is a good engine for making games for different platforms like pc, web, android, ios, ps, xbox and a lot more.

Tweening plugin –  Dotween free version if you want to try it here’s the link!/content/27676

Dotween Pro – here’s the pro version!/content/32416?aid=1101lGtb

Graphic Assets for GUI – Jungle UI!/content/35303?aid=1101lGtb

3d Model – Ants 3d models!/content/56474?aid=1101lGtb

Particle Effect – Cartoon FX Pack1!/content/4010?aid=1101lGtb

For Sharing and local notifications on Android – Android Ultimate Plugin!/content/38872?aid=1101lGtb

For Sharing on IOS Devices we used this plugin!/content/70861?aid=1101lGtb

For Google Play Game Service Plugin this one should work on both Android and ios but we used Unity3d API for accessing Game Center on IOS

For Ads like banner or interstitial this one works on both android and ios 🙂

Firebase Analytics

Need 3d Models with lots of discounts? check and register on this link

We will update this post until we complete the game and publish it on  Amazon app store and other different platforms for selling games or app BTW this game is FREE  just a little ads on it 🙂

Please download it and try it and gives us a good reviews and 5 stars this will help us a lot and thank you in Advance 🙂

For more questions or comments or suggestions just email us at

Google Play Games Plugin for Unity3d possible fixed for Xcode Project

Google Play Games Plugin for Unity3d  possible fixed for Xcode Project

Unity3d version : 5.5.1

Google Play Games  Plugin version: 0.9.36 (0x00000936)

Before anything else take Note this errors is came from the google play services not from our plugin to make things clear

Building the Unity3d Project on ios for Xcode with Google play services we encounter some errors

  1. google Mobile Ads framework is missing
  2. loadRequest error on GADURewardBasedVideoAd.m on xcode
  3. Missing GoogleMobileAds.framework
  4. google sign file missing

To Fix this you must follow this important guides 1st

Important Notes:

  1. use $(inherited) on build settings for HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS, OTHER_CFLAGS and OTHER_LDFLAGS for both pod project and unity3d xcode project.
  2. Enable Module for both pod project and unity3d xcode project.
  3.  add the GoogleMobileAds.framework if this is missing
  4. always clean before you build
  5. run pod init 1st when pod install is not working
  6. check Podfile and replace it with


Update: we just Integrate the Google Firebase Analytics Plugin For Unity3d and yes the process is hell again and there’s so many errors if you are interested on how to fix this errors and issues please follow this link

if you still can’t fix this issues please follow read and watch this forum and video links!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/OVfGXHJY2tA

And this youtube video will teach you on how to do this things

The ios sdk

Google Signin sdk if you needed it

Temporary fixed is this for load request error

Note When adding the framework it should be like this

Tips for running pod commands

Some old setup but relevant and that help us on this errors

Other Links that might help you if your encounter more errors!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/game-engines/pLcrV1x_Nsk

and one more weird thing every time you build a  xcode project on unity3d on our case google mobile ads sdk is always missing  to fix just remove and delete google mobile ads sdk on your project and add it again and then build clean and then build

and If you are so lucky and you encounter this error “Your Binary is not optimized for iphone5” this links might lead you on how to solve that problem

about updating for the launch images here’s some guides and references

ITuneConnect and TestFlight Problems

one more thing if you upload you ipa to itunesconnect and the build is not showing on internal testing and external testing check if you received email asking for you to put permission for camera if yes just put this on your info.plist

if you still can’t see the new build on internal testing you just need to select nothing then save and then go back again and the new build should be showing after that then select it TADA!

I Hope this helps you out!

For more questions or comments or suggestions please email us at

Integrating Firebase Analytics to Android Ultimate Plugin For Unity3d

Hi Guys, After we successfully integrate the Google play services and Google Mobile Ads to Android Ultimate Plugin today we will try to also Integrate the Firebase Analytics which came from this link

Setting Up Guides

Before you start Integrating Firebase Analytics you need to provide 1st the SHA1 and SHA256 on firebase project settings to get this keys on your keystore follow this links


For quick start guides on how to integrate firebase analytics and use inside Unity3d

To know on how to log events on firebase analytics follow and read this link

More information on Firebase Events

More information on Parameters

For setting user properties

For Linking your google play or android app on Google play follow this link

Note: if you have google play services plugin inside your Unity3d Project you will get some conflict on the google resolver jars , so what i do is i just remove the resolver from google play services plugin and after that a popup will appear on Unity3d Editor that asking you to install the dependencies and then just install and accept it after that you will see a lot of new libraries inside your Android Plugin folder and it will also replace your libraries with the new one which is not good because it might cause some problems or error on your other Android Plugin.

Here’s what happen, we successfully build the apk on Android Device

Things that still working

  1. Google Admob
  2.  Android Ultimate Plugin

Things that is not working

  1. Google play services the app crashed when try to login

How to fix the Android Errors?

Alright after searching  on different forums and support groups we find out from other people that the play services .aar files with 10.0.20 version have conflict on google play services to fix this change everything into version 10.0.1 both play services .aar files and firebase-analytics .aar files after that just build normally and everything should be fixed by now on our end everything is working fine after this changes and we also check the firebase dashboard and yes it detects that firebase analytics is running and active

Note: all of the .aar files must be the same version to make this build and run sucessfully

How to fix IOS xcode errors?

Yes it’s a bad news after we build the xcode project using unity3d we got lot’s of errors and yes it’s because of Firebase Analytics plugin for untiy3d and we spent lots of hours trying to find the solution on it and at last we got lucky so the solution is

  1. delete all the derived data on your machine because xcode get confused sometimes or most of the time when adding new framework or library this can be done by going to your Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData
  2.  force  build clean project the shortcut keys is cmd + shift + alt + k
  3. Delete all files inside pod directory
  4. open your terminal and then pod update
  5. build clean again once more and build the project on your device
  6.  if you still get error try to delete the frameworks and library that you add  and add it again this is weird but it works 🙂

more tips:

  1. when build ios or xcode project in unity3d always use build only dont use build and run and used Append not replace to avoid doing all the settings and fixes again that’s nightmare!!!
  2.  when opening the xcode project double click the work space not the xcode project file this will create a weird errors
  3.  always  build clean every time you open your xcode project and before building

and that’s the step we go through before we finally build it successfully on ios device.


And Here’s the list of other things you can do with Firebase

Firebase Cloud Messaging for Unity3d

Manage Users on Firebase for Unity3d

Firebase realtime Database for Unity3d
Firebase Storage for Unity3d

Firebase Remote Config for Unity3d this is the best you can modify you game config and settings without actually uploading  a new build on google play store

Firebase Invite for Unity3d

And that is our findings, i hope this information helps you out and saves you a lot of time unlike us but yes we are happy to help you out 🙂

For more questions or comments or suggestions just email us at