Crypto Trade Assistant For Bittrex- Preferred Settings

Crypto Trade Assistant – Preferred Settings

Asking what is the best settings ?or safe settings ? for Crypto Trade Assistant For Bittrex, well you come in the right place.

Trade Settings

For  preferred  Trade settings please check the image below and follow our  Trade settings. this is the safest Trade Setting that you can make especially when you don’t want to sell for lose and you just want to keep holding your portfolio or coins and  just want to  ride the waves on crypto currencies.

Preffered Trade Settings
Preffered Trade Settings

So what’s going on here?

Well this trade settings is just telling our app to buy 20 USD worth of coin when some coin drops. It got buy limit of 3 meaning it will buy 3 times of the same coin ex. when ETH drop it will buy ETH and then when it drops again it will buy ETH again until reach limit of 3. if you put only 1 buy limit then it will buy only once.

Trailing Profit

This trade setting also use Trailing Profit  of 1% , using this you can maximize your earning for example when ETH price increased 5% your app won’t sell it and then when ETH increased again by let’s say 3% it wont sell it but if suddenly drops by 1% after increased the app will sell it.

For more information about  Trailing Profit/ Trailing Stop please follow and read this link

Advance Trade Settings

For Advance Trade Settings please check the image below, on this Advance Trade Settings we just telling our app that you only want to trade USDT pairs and with 0 limit meaning you will buy until you have USDT on your account.

Preffered Advance Trade Settings
Preffered Advance Trade Settings


For Strategy check the image below, in this strategy we are telling the app to use base crack strategy meaning our app will only buy crypto currencies when they drop with substantial amount. this strategy if  base from luc quick finger  strategy you can search his name on youtube to know more about him his awesome BTW.

Preferred Strategy
Preferred Strategy

Reports Panel Sample

Sample Screenshots Reports Panel, below is the sample screenshot of a Reports Panel that is using this Preferred Settings.  see that Button with Stop Trade. when you see it and the text is Start Trade meaning your app is not started yet so please click and start it. after starting it the status must change to Active but you need to wait for awhile. our server will check it 1st.

Sample Reports Panel
Sample Reports Panel


Top Traders

Top Traders Panel check below image, as of now July 2018 this is our Top Traders, the market is crashing but somehow this guys earned. and you can copy their trade setting buy beware after copying please check your settings before activating your app.


Where’s the link i want to install it now?

oh you haven’t install it? ok here’s the link for Google Play Store

you can also follow us on



Well i think that’s what you only need to start using Crypto Trade Assistant For Bittrex and of-course don’t forget to buy some Trade Points or just use our subscription to have an Unlimited Trade Points per Month or you  can always grind by watching ads to earn Trade Points depends on you.

For questions or comments or feedback or issues you can always comment below or you can email us at

Well that’s all , Happy Trading!

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