Changing Local Notification Icon – Android Ultimate Plugin

Changing Local Notification Icon – Android Ultimate Plugin

Do you wonder why you are seeing default icon on your local notification? well because you didn’t supply your custom icon.

this article we will deal with this issue, some users feel like this is a bug but no it’s not. so how to change this local notification icon? well it’s super easy you just need to supply five icons with correct sizes on res folder drawable folders.


Sample icon screenshot “ic_launcher.png”


Auto Generate different  icon sizes

the technique is to create  custom icon size 1024 x 1024 .png file and upload to and enter you email and then wait


This will auto generate icons with different sizes instantly and they will email it to you.  after that you can replace these default icons with your custom icons then try to build your project and test local notifications on Android Device

Icon sizes on this folders

  • drawable-hdpi = 72 x 72
  • drawable-ldpi = 36 x 36
  • drawable-mhdpi = 48 x 48
  • drawable-xhdpi = 96 x 96
  • drawable-xxhdpi = 144 x 144


  • Make sure that’s the file icon is .png format
  • Be sure the file name is “ic_launcher”
  • Change the correct files only
  • Make sure you are in the correct directory “Assets/Plugins/Android/aup/res”

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