Google Mobile Ads Consent Plugin For Unity3D

GDPR Google Ads Consent

Google Mobile Ads Consent Plugin For Unity3D

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is HERE!

Everyone is panicking about how to implement Google Mobile Ads Consent on Applications and Games. of course there’s also app and games made from Unity3D so how about them GDPR implementation is Starting at May 25,2018 and it has begun already. but don’t worry we got you covered here’s our new Unity3d Plugin to the rescue.

So what is GDPR? well it’s a new policy that aims to protect users data from EU countries and territories for more info you can visit this link

First Day of GDPR implementation Facebook, Google and other Companies was hit instantly for more info about this please follow this link

Along with this GDPR includes a lot of things like cookies? yeah you read it right cookies but it”s not related to our plugin but if you are interested to know about it please visit this website link

GDPR also affects Adsense please visit this link on clues how to solved your GDPR Adsense issues

Including Google Analytics so if you are using Google analytics to track users data for Marketing and Re targeting Campaign well you have to do something to for wordpress Google analytics users you can check this links

Scared and Afraid now?

After all that information and News of course you are we are SUPER Afraid,  well all we have to do is to comply this is a law unless you want a real serious headache and Super Huge Fine!

The Problem

Google released this SDK, but there’s no  support  for Unity3D , so how can you survived this GDPR Hell?

The Solution

We made a Google Mobile Ads Consent Plugin for Unity3d.  which we just finished right now, i know we are too late but better late than never. we will keep on updating this post to add more guides on how to use our plugin and adding some solutions for common errors and issues.

The Story

At first we thought that implementing and making this plugin is so easy, but it’s not,  we encounter a lot of weird, issues, errors and we need a lot of work around. but we know the creators of this SDK if working round the clock 24/7 to finished it we feel their pressure too!

Here’s the link on how to implement it on Android

Note: this plugin works only on Unity3D 2018 version!

How about the implementation for  Unity3d?

No need for that, we already submit the plugin on unity3d asset store , we hope that they will approve it!


How much?

it’s only $9.99 on Unity3D Asset Store and $49.99 on scam buyers) , you don’t like the price?  well you can make the plugin on your own or wait for a free one to show up but if GDPR comes to you 1st well sorry 🙂

Where to buy?

Please before buying always try 1st our demo we don’t want people who buy and then if they don’t like it they will ask for refund it’s not fair at all there’s a lot of those people now a days but it’s ok they will never succeed in life by doing that.

Unity3D Asset Store!/content/119718 store


Try our Demo APK

How to build the Demo?

  • Open your Unity3D project
  • Import the plugin
  • Make sure all Dependencies is there
  • Build and Install on your Android Mobile Device
  • Run the VPN (we used Turbo VPN) choose germany or any EU country
  • Run the demo apk
  • Put 2 on set consent value, put your correct publishing id from you Admob account, put a correct HTTPURL for you privacy policy website
  • Press set consent
  • Press check consent
  • Press Create Consent  Form
  • You will now see the Google Consent Default Form, you can also check the custom consent form you can modify the UI to suits your app or game

Take Note: you need to download and place the Three dependencies on the correct directory





gooleads-consent.aar   –

gson-2.8.5.jarA Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back

JsonNet-Lite.9.0.1.unitypackage – this one is use for converting jsonstring to c# object array

Still not working having some errors? you can try to set custom Ads

How to set Custom Ads on Admob Account?

  • Login to your Admob Account
  • In your Admob Account home page click Blocking Controls
  • And then on tab panels click EU User Consent
  • Below you will see Select Ad Technology Providers
  • Choose Custom set of ad technology providers
  • Select your Ad Providers on the list
  • Click done
  • Remember and copy your Publisher ID
  • Click save

Other Tools for testing

Turbo VPN for VPN on Mobile use this , this is useful for Testing for EU users

We install the Google Chrome Beta on our mobile because it has the latest Webview for Android and Google Consent form is using this new Webview

Demo Unity3D App Screen Shots

Google Consent Form Screen Shots

google ads consent unity3d plugin
google ads consent unity3d plugin
google ads consent unity3d plugin 2
google ads consent unity3d plugin 2


Custom Consent Form Screenshots

Take Note: this Custom Consent Form  is just for Demo purpose you need to make your own with your own assets, graphics, themes and designs , the purpose of this is to show how to  use and implement our plugin on your custom consent form.

google ads consent unity3d plugin 3
google ads consent unity3d plugin 3
google ads consent unity3d plugin 4
google ads consent unity3d plugin 4

This Screen Shot is where you get the Ad Providers that you used on your Admob Account, note that you need to add your company details too

google ads consent unity3d plugin 5
google ads consent unity3d plugin 5


google ads consent unity3d plugin 6
google ads consent unity3d plugin 6

Notice that we used the same text content from the Google Consent Form , you can always change this depends on how you want to approach it best way is to always ask some professionals on what words to add to be safe


Common Errors and Issues


For some reason setting test device id and setting to EU debug works only on Emulator on actual phone no it wont work


You need to use VPN to set your location to EU to test it properly on real device


Consent Form can be used with custom provider only.

Solution 1:

Make sure to set a correct publisher ID , take Note your publisher ID, you will see it on “Set up consent gathering”

for more info check this link

Solution 2:

Go to your Admob account,  go to blocking controls on side panel and then on tab check EU User Consent and then check the “Select ad technology providers”


Wrong Publisher ID

Solution :

Make sure to set a correct publisher ID , take Note your publisher ID, you will see it on “Set up consent gathering”


Request is not in EEA or unknown

Solution :

happens when you are not located to EU location, You need to use VPN to set your location to EU to test it properly on real device


  • Always use Check Consent Status 1st before anything else
  • You Need to set Consent Status to Unknown and set to Debug EU to Test the Google Consent Form
  • To test make sure you are on EU or  you are using VPN and set your location to EU

Three Consent Status Type

  • Personalized ADS
  • NON Personalized ADS
  • Unknown

Some info that might help you to understand how things work under the hood

EU User Consent Policy

What is Personalized and Non Personalized

Selecting Ad Technology

For information please check this link

Collecting Consent

Forwarding Consent on Mobile Ads SDK

by calling our set consent Status you triggered this one, Native Android Updating of Consent SetConsentStatus


How many ad technology providers does the Consent SDK support?

The Consent SDK does not impose a limit on the number of ad technology providers a publisher chooses to enable. However, the Google-rendered consent form supports a maximum of 12 ad technology providers. Publishers with more than 12 ad technology providers can create and manage their own consent form using the ad technology partners fetched from the Consent SDK.

Does the list of ad technology providers returned by the SDK automatically update if I change my selection in the AdMob UI?

Yes, if you make changes to the list of ad technology providers in the AdMob UI, the changes will propagate to Google’s ad servers in approximately one hour.

for more info you can always go to this link what ever they implement here we also implement it on our Unity3d Plugin

if you think our plugin is useful please share it to your friends this will help us to continue and to create more plugins in the future.

For more question or comments or feedback you can always email us at



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  1. can you post a quick video on how to implement this plugin in our games plz ! i bought it from itch but i’m not an expert to really understand how to do it

    1. in this website we put a step by step on how to run the demo on your android mobile device, take note that the google default consent will not work if you are not in EU location

  2. consent-library-release where to find that ? that link give me a zip file also we need a video tutorial on real implementation of this plugin. I did buy it and I am a total noob

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