Crypto Trade Assistant (Auto Tradebot for Bittrex) Part 2

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Crypto Trade Assistant (Auto Tradebot for Bittrex) Part 2

This is the continuation of how to use Crypto Trade Assistant

Advance Trade Setting Panel

here you can set BTC limit and USDT Limit and you can Choose want  you want to trade BTC Pair or USDT pair? just toggle on Trade BTC if you want to trade BTC Pairs or Toggle ON Trade USDT if you want to trade USDT Pairs



Sell Report Panel

this is a the place where you can see the coins that the bot sell and the coins that you manually sell. you can also delete this reports if you want.

SellReport Panel

Target Market Panel

Improvement and more details

We added more details on each coin see this screenshots, this will give you more info of each coin before you turn it on,

so you are asking what’s this values, ok we will explain some unique things here

Sentiment percent is the percent between open buy and open sell orders, the higher the sentiment percent it means the people are positive that the coin will go to the moon, and the lower means the people is scared and fear that the coin might crashed soon

Spread percent – this is just the difference in percentage between open buy order and open sell order

Base – is the last value that this coin drops previously

Prev/Cur Dip(%) – is the last or current dip percent this coin reached

Safe Buy  – this is the indicator that this coin is safe to buy based on our bot algorithm , this is calculated using lots of different variables and values

The Turn ON or Turn OFF button – is to tell that you want the bot to buy this coin if there’s a good opportunity

Coin Details


Buy with Ask Price and Quantity

you can buy now with ask price and quantity unlike before everything is based on your trade settings.

Price must be in USD($) not BTC, when buying think like this, add the USD Price rate you want and then think how many you want to buy it can be in percentage like for example 5% then put 0.05 in quantity so example you want ETH, then set 668 price then 0.05 to quantity or it can be in whole number, if you want to buy 10 ETH then just set 668 on price and set 10 on quantity done. see the image  below for reference.



Open Orders Panel

Here you can check if you got an Open Orders and then you have a choice to cancel it or not depends on you. when you cancel your order using this panel trades item or sells item will also be remove and readjust your earning or losing in terms of sell item and for  trades item, the item will also get remove from Trades panel and then once the app pulls the  new data it will auto update your current btc or usdt together with your buy count and sell count.


Extra Features

Top Trader Leader Board Panel

here you can check who’s the top earner using our Auto Trade Bot for Bittrex, what’s the good thing is you can copy the trade settings of this top traders if you are lazy tweaking your trade settings but Take Note: after copying the Stop Buy and Stop Sell will auto toggle ON on Trade Settings this is to prevent unwanted experienced because there’s a chance that this Trade Settings is not for you, or you don’t want it. so please3x always double check your trade settings after you copy some one else trade settings to prevent unwanted surprises.

Top Trader Leader Board Panel

Mini Chat

Here you can chat with other users of our bot, you will only received message when you login that’s why you can’t see any chat history messages


Looking for Shortcut for your Trade Settings?

Crypto Trade Assistant For Bittrex- Preferred Settings


To check our Crypto Trade Assistant App (former Auto TradeBot for Bittrex) you can visit this link

You can also visit Crypto Trade Assistant Facebook Page

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That’s all for now, if you have some questions or comments or suggestions just email us at or comment below

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