Auto Tradebot for Bittrex, OST Kit Phase II Proof of Concept Challenge

OST Phase II Challenge

Auto Tradebot for Bittrex, OST Kit Phase II Proof of Concept Challenge

We got a good news every one, we are one of the team that has been chosen to create a POC (Proof of Concept) for OST Kit Phase 2 check this link

OST Kit Phase 2 POC
OST Kit Phase 2 POC

on this stage we need to integrate OST tool kit in our Mobile Application we need to show them on how we are going to used it as a Currency (Trade Points)  for Auto Tradebot for Bittrex, actually their documentation is really good i can say that as long you know how to program you can  easily used their API because they make sure it’s real user friendly and aside from that they really got a lot of big supports from a lot of people, Veteran guys and  big companies, so OST is a Big thing it might be the next popular tool that will connect normal business into Block Chain Technology in no time.

Here’s our Submission for OST Kit Phase II Proof of Concept Challenge (POC) halfway status report video, this explains on why we are choosing OST Kit and how we gonna use it on our Auto Tradebot for Bittrex application

Update: May 13, 2018

We finally created and finished the  API using OST kit for our Auto Tradebot for Bittrex ( but we changed the name to Crypto Trade Assistant reason We can’t use Bittrex  word anymore ).  here’s our experienced overall it is easy to used and implement but there’s always room for improvement.

Things That Needs Some Improvements
  • Getting User list this is so heavy and the response is too slow
  • We wish that there’s an API where we can get only one user like getUser(UUID), so that it’s more optimize and light.
  • API to Delete the TransactionType or TransactionTypes
  • Way to Delete the user or users
  • Able to give airDrop using UUID or UUIDs
  • The Documentation is quite confusing, needs to improved or maybe just put the whole working code snippets for faster integrations
  • The JavaScript SDK got an Error as soon as you npm install it and required it to your js code and try to build without using any API it will throw an error, that’s why we used the Rest API instead.
  • When Creating a TransactionType using RestAPI it throws errors on CompanyToUser type, reason needs to set a commission percent or invalid commission percent but Company to user type don’t need this. we don’t know if this is expected behavior but it’s ok we can always use the Transaction Types tools to create Transaction Types

Things That We Like

  • Dash Board we really like it because we can really see the Economic Indicators, Economy Interactions and  User Engagement data in almost real time.
  • Token Supply and Reserves for Gas tool, it’s super easy to Mint your Branded Token, no sweat at all
  • Transaction Types tools to create Transaction Types this is our Favorite you can easily make Transaction Type and adjust every details, so quick and so fast!
  • Block Explorer we really like to see the Branden Token Leader board (Top Tokens), aside from that you can really see who’s Branded Token is the most active just by checking Latest Token Transfers, bonus when you click your Branded Token you can see more details about it like total No. of Token Transfers, Volume OST, Market Cap, Token Holders and Total Supply.
  • The API is super easy to use once you know the trick, everything will be easier
  • Got Documentation with enough details for you to know what’s going on and how to use it, you just really need to read every lines carefully

that’s the things that we really noticed so far not bad at all

ok time for some coding! after we explore the Rest API we made something that we can easily use and integrate with our existing Trading Bot App. as of now OST Kit offers few essentail API but they are still in development so we expect a lot of new API and tools to show up soon.

so here’s some part of our code that we use to communicate with OST Kit API

1st you need to use this methods most of the time


Create a OST user, this one is called when our user login, our app check if this user don’t have a OST User Account, then it will create if it don’t exist!


For AirDrop we use this


To Execute a Transaction we use this method


To Get Users


And then to get a one OST user we need to do something like this, as you can see we still use the get users before but we need to do some modifications on this one, this is why we want to have an API for getting one user only so that it will be more optimize and light weight at the same time.


That’s the Specific methods that we use to communicate with OST Kit API, it’s so easy and quick!

Things that you need to know

you need to install and require query-string,

you might need to install and require crypto, but it should be built in by now that’s why you need to do this, to be sure

Also this part is tricky, noticed how we use this in our methods

API call parameters must be Alphabetical examine this, it’s start with api_key, then commission_percent then currency_type, see the pattern now? it should be alphabetical


What we used aside from OST Kit ?

axios, you need to install it and require it, we really love it here’s the link

hapi.js here’s the link

given those methods we successfully integrate and implement OST REST API and Make “TPS” TradePoints, our Branded Token to be used inside our existing application.

Crypto Trade Assistant can do the following now

  • Create OST User
  • Get OST Users and User
  • Air Drop our Users
  • Execute a Transaction when user Watch add , Reward Trade Points to user
  • Trigger a Transaction when user do some action like Manual Buy , Manual Sell or Manual Delete Trades , Deduct Trade Points
  • Activate a Transaction when bot do some Action like Auto Buy,  Auto Sell and Stop Loss , Deduct Trade Points


Here’s out final submission for OST kit POC Challenge


We think that we can officially tell that this is a Solid Proof of Concept and Use Case that OST kit  is really a useful utility tool. it can easily connect any Applications to BlockChain Technology and Tokenize their App economy in no time.  plus there’s a Huge support from OST Great Team. so final Verdict we love  the OST kit and we are looking forward for it to become the number one utility tool for BlockChain.

Update June 11, 2018

And we are selected and one of the winners on OST Kit Phase II Devbeloper Proof of Concept! Feels Good Finally snatch some real awesome recognition.

didn’t get the titles but it’s a good start. for more details you can visit this link

OST Phase II winner
OST Phase II winner

We Hope that you like this information for OST Kit and Thank you for visiting our website!

To check our Crypto Trade Assistant App (former Auto TradeBot for Bittrex) you can visit this link

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