How to earn without ads from your free mobile games?

Hi Guys! today i will discuss to you on how to earn without ads from your free mobile games? i know you might ask? is that even possible? and yes it is possible and why its possible because of “TUTELA”. 

So How to earn without ads?

i know you want to know it so this is how, this company collect information about the quality of wireless networks while your app is being used and analyze the data to build a map of where network quality is good and bad and then they work with mobile companies to improve the quality of their networks, see it’s so amazing you earn without ads from your free mobile games while you help the world to become a better place by making sure all wireless network is stable and in good conditions.

For more information on this company

Their products


and  about how you can join them as a developer please follow this link below

and last this is super duper easy to integrate they have sdk and plugin for Android, IOS and Unity3d yeah! so cool right? 🙂

Now you can earn without ads from your free mobile game and the best part of this is the players will not get annoyed anymore and your players can now enjoy your game completely without any surprises and popup straight in their face.

Earn without ads from your free mobile games


if you are developing games or apps in Unity3d you may encounter some errors and problems when building on Android especially when you got other Android Plugins inside your project to fix this, just follow the list below maybe there’s more but doing this things on my case works well

  1. set your Android Manifest minimum sdk to 14 and set your target sdk version to 23
  2. add this to your Android Manifest uses-feature android to glEsVersion = “0x00020000”
  3. Make sure all of your playservices .aar files is the same version if not you might encounter weird conflict errors

I tested this on Unity3d version 5.5.1 and runs smooth on my Samsung S5 phone with Android OS version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and i haven’t test on IOS but i think it will run with smoothly , i hope so 🙂


Earned using Survey

Here’s another way you can also earn by offering a survey inside your games using pollfish tools

How it works

  1. You design your own survey and customize it based on your target audience
  2. Integrate their sdk on your game
  3. And then you are ready , you just need to show the survey in your game in the right and correct time and viola you earned some money.

Advanced target audience

you can target specific audience that you want by choosing a variety of criteria by country,region,city,gender,age range, persona, marital status and a lot more

You can use it for up sell

Up selling your lite app to pro app
Up selling your lite app to pro app

For Removing ADS

removing ads
removing ads

For Giving In game items

in game items


And There you go, you got two ways now to earned money on your free mobile game without using ads.

I hope this information helps you out to decide whether you will used ads or this new way of earning or both on your game or apps at least you have a wholesome choice now not just ads!

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PBA Slam – Game Review

Hello every one! today I will make a “Game Review” and I think, I will pick a sports genre. You want to know the title of this game?  its PBA SLAM! published and developed by Ranida Games one of the best Game Studio here in the Philippines they make a lot of Pinoy Theme based games and most of them is really good.


PBA Slam
PBA Slam


First impression PBA Slam

So my first impression is yeah another basket ball game genre on mobile. Here’s how to play the game, you have a two character and you play against the two AI in the game. Your goal is to score as much as possible to beat AI. What cool about this game is the “Slam Dunk” it’s really fun seeing your character flying and do a “Slum  Dunk” with matching cool commentator voice it’s feels like you are actually the playing inside the game and that is fun and it feels good.

At first I just tried the game and think after 5 minutes i will guess what? you are correct i will uninstall the game but after actually playing and tried the game yeah I’m hooked to it because i like doing slam dunk and see those character flying with particle all over them it’s so entertaining and what’s funny thing about this game is they are using the actual faces of the PBA players including Manny Pacquiao “PACMAN” one of the most famous boxer in the world, this gives the feeling that you actually watching a PBA game on TV.


The graphics in this game is also cool because you know that they put extra effort especially on the game characters and the basket ball court. What it’s lack for me is game UI , it feels like it’s not that polished oh well this game is still not complete yet, so i guess this game UI will polished when they complete the game.

Background music is worth noting because it’s the official music of the Philippine Basket Ball Association and Gloc-9 is one of the rapper in this song and he is famous in the philippines too. Comments from commentator also contributes to the fun side of this games because it’s giving funny humors that’s makes you smile sometimes.


PBA Slam Dunk
PBA Slam Dunk

Verdict on PBA Slam

After playing for a while what I just noticed is I’m having hard time controlling my character I don’t know if it’s only me or my phone sucks i really can’t steal the ball from my enemies I just get the ball when they are done shooting or scoring.

Aside from that the over all game play is fun, what I can say is, this is a well made basket ball mobile game and I’m looking forward to see this game to be completed as soon as possible to make player come back again because some features are still locked and this features especially the “multiplayer” mode will be the reason why players will come back to compete with other real players.

Closing notes well it’s a decent game and I’m telling everyone that you should try this game as in right now! yes it’s a command not a request!

Here’s the link of PBA Slam, right now its only available on google play but soon they will be releasing on IOS Itune Store and maybe on other Apps Store too.

If you have some comments, suggestions, corrections or any issues on this post feel free to contact me.

That’s all for today! see yah!

Automatic RPG – Game Review

Hello people of the earth another game review by no one else but me, this past few weeks I’m playing with this RPG  game on my smart phone, this RPG game is so simple yet he captured the essence of a RPG game and the name of this game is Automatic RPG by R.O.APP the game title is so generic that’s why when you 1st see it , you will not download it because you will think that it’s just another shitty clone game.

the game icon is not attractive too but luckily even though i got the feeling that this game is not good i tried it because it was featured on Google play. that’s the big thing even though your game name is not the good and even your game icon is not the attractive your game will going to be noticed and people will try it that’s the power of getting featured on a game store like Google play.

Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG

Playing the game

When I first play the game, i just noticed that the layout is just like brave frontier game so I’m expecting that the  game mechanics is just like that game. but after the tutorial yes the game explain that this is a taping game just like tap titan. so i try the game and here’s go the story what’s funny about this game is the simple story the king called the hero because he thinks demon king is the one responsible for all the bad things that is happening to him and to his kingdom.

then after calling the hero the game starts , thus the tapping of the attack button starts. after few times of tapping the attack button i noticed i gain experienced and gold by killing enemy and sometimes there’s a random item. what amazed me is you don’t have to equip those item because once you collect them it will be automatically in use and that’s cool because you don’t need to visit inventory to equip that unless you want to review the information and see the look of this item.

After killing those monster the experience that you gained is collected and you can use them to level up your hero  or other character in the game. the character in the  game is composed of Archer, Holy Knight, Warrior, Mage and you the hero. you will meet them as you progress in the game, but sorry to tell  you that you can only control the hero because the other character is automatically attack or use their especial skills. every character has 3 special skills that you can unlock at certain levels.  the game continue by just grinding and killing enemy again and again.

Automatic RPG
Automatic RPG

Boss Battle

During Boss Battle you cannot control your hero, this is a bad news for Master Tapper Gamer. you can only watch your hero and other character fight the boss and hope that you can defeat the boss enemy. one more thing when you are fighting with normal stage when you died you will be resurrected again after some intervals but when you are fighting with boss stage, when you are dead you’re dead that’s it. when you died during boss fight all you have to do is to go back to normal stages and grind and kill more enemies to gain more levels, gold , item and buy some equipment from the shop  to defeat the boss.

Final words for Automatic RPG

Automatic RPG is a simple yet fun to play rpg game and it’s worth downloading. Automatic RPG is a game that does not take a lot of time and you can always play it anytime or just leave it for a while without thinking what to do next.  great game for Past time especially when you are stuck on a traffic or waiting for someone. heads up your thumb will be numb while playing this game.

Good luck and enjoy the game.

here’s the Automatic RPG game links:

Google play


More games from R.O.APP


Google play

The so called Game?

Hi every one yeah i know just another game blog, but you are wrong our blog is all about the real thing about the game. we will tackle a lot of things like how to make a game, why people makes game, the process of making a game, the joy and sadness of making a game, the reward and the true challenges that the game developers experienced before they actually achieved something that will change their life forever.

it could also means game industry, game development, game trend, game news, upcoming new hot games, the video game that you play whether on your console, PC, handheld devices or in your mobile devices and etc. we can’t promise to explain everything but we will try our best to discuss more things about game, game development, game market, game trends and game industry.


game industry new era

So what it’s like to make a Game?

well making game is like a quest or a journey or maybe a mission. game developer creates game for different reasons one obviously is to earn money and to get rich instantly, to be popular, to make their dream become a reality or they just want to make other people happy by making a game, actually there’s a lot of reasons.

New Norms

Now a days things has changed most of the game developers make games just for the money and the bad things when making game just for the money, the game itself suffer a lot because they cut corners they want to finish game as soon as possible to earn more money. they forget that game is a form of ART. meaning you put love on your game when you make it, you cherish every moment , you planned everything so that players can feel, enjoy and experienced the art that you created.

well most of the game developer didn’t get the right treatment and the right salary. most of them is just leaving on a dream. that’s someday their game or  game studio will make a hit o the market. but i feel sorry for these game developers, because the market now a days is run by the BIG BOYS who can throw a lot of money for development and marketing. meaning it’s really hard to get noticed now a days, even you got a good game if you don’t have enough money for your marketing campaign things can go wrong.

Game Industry is a complicated world

Making game and game Industry is a complicated world and right now we just talked about a little part of it. game industry is also an exciting world it’s either you hit the jackpot or you hit the floor that’s why sometimes we feel like making game is a gambling because you don’t know if the world will gonna like your game or not.

and i think i need to end this article now, but don’t worry the next articles will be focus on things that can help you on how you gonna start making your own game

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post. Ciao!

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How to make a Game?

Now a days a lot of people asking this question, how to make a game? and there’s a lot of possible reasons usually they are just curious about it, most of the time they heard that it could earn a lot and it could make them Millionaire instantly, some people just love doing it and make it as a hobby and some are really passionate about it and make something that people loves to play and they are all addicted to it or perhaps love their games.

so what ever reasons you have, you are here and reading this article because you want to start making games and that is something, it is one of the hardest part and this is making an effort to start because some people are just happy doing nothing and you are not and I’m proud of you. so you want to make game? are you really sure? making game is a big effort , i can say it’s a huge effort, most of the time people just look at the game as a simple thing they though making games is so easy like just writing something on Microsoft word and boom you have your game and sometimes people just think that it is just you copy the code and paste it and then yes you have your game.


Two common ways to start making a game

Alright! it seems you are really serious about making games because you are still here reading, to reward your effort i will tell you how to make games, now a days there’s a lot of way to make games and if you look at them carefully there’s only 2 major way, first is you can do it manually by making your own game engine and i can say that this is not a good idea unless you are a big company with a lot of money to invest and the second way is just used an existing game engine and start making game right away.

it sounds so simple right? yes because the first choice is definitely not the right way specially if you are alone and not a big company, and the second choice yes it is so easy you just download some existing game engine and boom you start making your own game, most of the new people who wants to make game fall in this trap they underestimate most of the things and forget the important things but you are lucky because you are here reading this article and we don’t want you to fall on this traps.

Skills that you need to make a game

Are you ready? alright let’s do this, first you need to know what skills do you have that can help you to make your game? ask your self can you do programming? , can you do art as in graphic assets like 2d or 3d, can you compose and make audio files for Sound effects and Background music or are you good in planning and game designing this skills is the most important one but there’s still a lot of skills involved on making games.

so i think you know now, what skill you can contribute to make your own game and probably you are now thinking what existing game engine to used and you are so lucky because there’s a lot of choice and some of them are free to use it’s all depends on you on what kind of game you want to make, what programming language you know, or even if you don’t know how to program you can still make a game

List of some Popular Game Engine

on that list most of the people choose Unity3d or Unreal, People choose Unity3d because they say it is easy to use and easy to learn and it’s true if you gonna used Unity3d i suggest that choose C# as your programming language instead of javascript to make your life more easier and Unity3d also have this AssetStore where you can get free or paid assets that you can used to jump start you game. If you love C++ programming language you can choose Unreal, most of the hardcore programmer love unreal because you know C++ (Power!) and yeah the particle effects and lighting of Unreal is so Good compare to unity3d, Lumberyard is a Game Engine created by Amazon this is also promising, this engine is like Unity3d and Unreal you can try it to see the difference

If you don’t know how to program it’s ok you can used Game Maker to start making your game, instead of Programming language you will used a scripting language called LUA don’t worry it is super friendly for the beginners. Corona is a Cross-Platform Framework like Game Maker it also used LUA scripting language and they say it is easy to learn

Cocos2dx is also a good choice because it’s free and powerful engine and can publish on Android and IOS. If you are focusing on web based game you can choose Phaser this is becoming famous now a days because of HTML5, Love2D  another promising open source Game Engine, Defold an open source Game Engine created by king the maker of Candy Crush, they say this Game Engine is focus on Performance, another Tip on Choosing Game Engine, make sure that it can build for different platforms like Web, PC, Android and IOS at least this four major platforms and you are Good!

And There you go!, i hope this introduction enlighten you about how to start making a game? and i wish that you still want to make a game and if you are? please continue reading our blogs and we will make sure that we will complete this how to make a game blog series until you know most of the things to equipped you with right knowledge and for you to have a big chance of completing your first game.

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