Integration of Google Play Games on Android Ultimate Plugin issue?

Hi Everyone, it seems some dudes or guys or gals has a problem on Integrating Google Play Games Services on Android Ultimate Plugin but we already help him/her but still he’s/she’s spreading wrong information on the internet that Android Ultimate Plugin is conflicting with Google Play Games Services which can be found on this url

and this is the link of the guy who is spreading the wrong information on the internet, i think he/she is blaming Android Ultimate Plugin because he can’t integrate Google Play Games Services

So i get curious, so i tried to integrate Google Play Games Services on Android Ultimate Plugin and guess what? it’s working so yeah i got mad because we already help this dude or gal and maybe she’s/ he’s the one who place low ratings on our plugin on Unity3d Asset store which is bad from my point of view, that’s why i made this write up to clear things up and to make it short

Here’s the Android Ultimate Plugin with Google Play Games , the demo for Google Play Games is can be found at the last page of demo so just click or touch next until you reach the last demo and try it.

I Hope this clear things up and stop this wrong information and hopefully he/she will change the low rating on Android Ultimate Plugin on Unity3d Asset Store!/content/38872

And that’s all Guys, I hope you will continue to support us and please if you have any problems or issues just tell us and please don’t spread wrong information that may damage other people.

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Android Ultimate Plugin Step by Step – how to setup and run the Demo Scene

Note: as of Jan 28, 2017 this is the new steps to know how to run the new version please follow this link

How to use Android Ultimate Plugin For Unity3d

Note: the steps below is outdated! no need to read the steps below!

I will show the steps using images because my tutorial using videos and text is not enough to other people, i hope this tutorial help them 🙂

Note: this tutorial Expect that you already downloaded the latest Android SDK from Android developer website

Note: google_play_services/libproject was remove from Android SDK, so if you need one just email us together with your invoice id and we are sorry for the inconvenience because we really can’t control those changes.

or if you just need the google play services lib you can get it from this link

and please don’t just put this files on your Assets/Plugins/Android you need to extract it because it is compressed when you download it, so please do extract it and then place it on  Assets/Plugins/Android

and i think you are ready just follow this steps and Good luck and if the plugin didn’t work after you follow this steps please email us and don’t ask on reviews and rating on Unity3d Asset Store because it’s not helping us, it will just make things more complicated and please read your emails when we reply and we will solve your problems or issues don’t worry and then if all fails you can always have your refund as long as you just purchase the plugin and it’s not yet end of the month because that’s the cut off of refunding on Unity3d Asset Store.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


you can skip step 10 to 14 if you already downloaded google play services lib using above link.

Step 10


Step 11


Step 12


Step 13


Step 14


Step 15


Step 16


Step 17


Step 18


Step 19


Step 20


And That’s it, i hope this help you guys build and run the Demo successfully

We Hope this helps you on getting started!

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