Android Ultimate Plugin new way of Screen Shot and Sharing Image and URL

Hi Guys, there’s a lot of changes since we 1st release Android Ultimate Plugin and one of those changes is we made a way¬† to separate bundle plugin into a single plugins reason is to make it more optimize and use only what you are really want to used and today we will show you on how to screen shot and share image or URL.

If you read our old post about sharing images and URL we use the same Android Manifest Permissions. so you don’t need to change that, but make sure you have those permissions and of course the Android Manifest it self.

Permission needed on your Android Manifest file without this it will not work or it will produce an error.


And Here’s the new way of screenshot and sharing images and url

First you need to have the instance of SharePlugin

Then we need to pass 0 to SetDebug to remove Debug toast messages

Then to Screen shot and share images just do this

And to Share URL just do this


And we are done, one thing that you will noticed here is we just change the Android Ultimate Plugin with SharePlugin and actually that’s the new thing that we did here and also noticed the new way on how we Take a screen shot


Here’s the actual code that we used on our demo


I hope this short Tutorial helps you on how to take screenshot and share images and URL on the new version of Android Ultimate Plugin.

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Thank you for visiting and reading!