Android Ultimate Plugin – Flashlight Tutorial

Hi Every one, today we will show you on how to use Flashlight using Android Ultimate Plugin for Unity3d.

First you need to make sure that you have an Android Manifest file on “Assets/Plugins/Android” directory.

Next make sure you have the necessary permissions for Flashlight on your Android Manifest file.

To see the Android Manifest file use on demo please visit this link

After checking that you have an Android Manifest file on the correct Directory (Assets/Plugins/Android) and you have the required Android Manifest Permissions, it’s time to code.

First we need to have the instance of Flashlight Plugin

And then we need to set Debug to zero to hide Debug Toast Message, 0 to hide and 1 to show.

To Turn on Flashlight we just need to call SetFlashlightOn() method

To Turn off Flashlight we just need to call SetFlashlightOff() method

If you are done using the Flashlight we need to release it

without releasing it, other application that needs Flashlight or Camera will not work, when this happens you need to restart your Android Device to force release the camera Services on Android Device

For Reference here’s the actual code that we use on our Demo


and that’s it Guys, see how short and easy to use the flashlight and we really hope that we help you on this one.

Thanks for reading and visiting our website

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Android Ultimate Plugin version 1.4.4 – Changes

Hi Guys,  just an announcement we made a lot of changes since version 1.4.4 and here’s the information about that.

Version 1.4.4
Date: 8/30/2015

Note: this changes are made for improvement and optimization

1. Remove AndroidUltimateController
2. added new Main Class SharePlugin
3. added new Main Class BatteryPlugin
4. added new Main Class LocalNotificationPlugin
5. added new Main Class TimePlugin
6. added new Main Class AppIndexingPlugin


If you will noticed this changes will just make a little bit of changes on how to used it. for example if before you are using AndroidUltimatePlugin Controller to access share method, just replace the androidUltimatePluginController with sharePlugin




And for LocalNotification Changes


For Battery Plugin Changes


For App Indexing

Start Indexing

Stop Indexing


New features
1. you can now save Screen Shots on Picture folder or DCIM folder
2. Android Device Info can get Phone Number now,but some times empty
3. Account Info can get Phone Number now

Note: getting phone number using Android Advance info and Account info  this phone number is sometimes empty , because it depends on your phone settings, or if there’s a stored information on your device.


And That’s almost everything since 1.4.4 , i hope you will never be surprised and always remember read tutorials and FAQ first, if you encounter some problems or bugs or error, it might help you along the way.

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