Android Ultimate Plugin – Android Manifest Permission 101

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we will focus on Android Manifest Permission because yeah some people find it difficult to deal with so here it is.

Note: some features does need a permission.

below is our Android Manifest File used in Android Ultimate Plugin most the permission is commented to aid you.

Note: Please place your permissions before Application tag not after to avoid permission errors


so let’s discus each one

Basic Permission – every Android Manifest file should have this i think because there’s a big chance that you will need this along the way on your development.

Vibrator Permission – most of the people think vibrator will work without permission think again.

Camera Permission

Flashlight Permission   – very tricky who would think flash light needs camera permission too

Record Audio Permission

GPS permission

Blue Tooth Permission

Alarm Clock permission

Speech Recognizer

Device Info Permission


Tip: always test  your Android Manifest File if running perfectly  , before adding permissions to avoid blaming Permissions tag for your error.

and there you go permissions that is used by our Android Ultimate Plugin, I Hope this shed light on you Guys

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